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About structured deposits

Structured deposits are products, which combine features of a term deposit (100% protection of capital on day of maturity of the deposit) and investments on financial markets (a chance to have gains higher than standard interest rate on deposits). Drawing on the practically limitless opportunities on many markets, structured deposits are an excellent tool for diversifying the portfolio.

  • 100% of capital protection on day of maturity of the deposit
  • Indirect access to the local and foreign FX, shares, commodities or goods markets
  • Interest rate depends on value of underlying instrument identified in Structured Deposit T&C, which may be i.a. currency, commodities, shares, market indices
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Currently offered structured deposits

Stabilny Kurs L

Subscription period 01.03.2019 r. – 01.04.2019 r.
Interest rate during subscription 1% per annum
Investment tenor 02.04.2019 r. – 02.10.2020 r.
Possible interest rate during the investment 0% to 6% on the entire investment
Guaranteed interest rate during investment period No guaranteed interest rate
Minimum amount 1 000 PLN
Type of underlying instrument Currency

The presented data and values are for information purposes only; they apply to simulations of results from the past and cannot be treated as a guarantee or promise of attaining future results. The simulation of results attained in the past is based on actual results attained in the past in connection with investing in one or several financial instruments or in connection with financial indices, which are identical or are underlying the financial instrument, which the information concern. If the simulations are based on amounts expressed in foreign currency, potential gains may be increased or reduced in result of changes of FX rate. These simulations (or information contained in them) do not constitute a recommendation, investment advice, offer or invitation addressed to anyone (or any group of persons) to conclude transactions on financial instruments from the side of Bank Millennium S.A.

Risks involved with investing in structured deposits

Investments in structured products involve various types of risks, in particular this may be: market risk, credit (bankruptcy) risk, liquidity risk, tax risk, legal risk, interest rate, product complexity, availability of market information risk.

Structured deposits are based on indices of the financial or commodity market, such as FX rates, share prices, values of exchange indices, prices of commodities or baskets of those variables, evolution of which may determine the end interest rate on the structured deposit. Structured deposits have other features than traditional deposits with fixed or variable interest rate. If investment assumptions are not fulfilled, structured deposits may fail to pay interest.

  • Detailed description of risk

    Market risk – yield from structured deposit depends on behaviour of the particular market variable (e.g. FX rate). If the investor’s expectations turn out to be false, then the amount paid upon maturity may be equal to the protected principal. Products (depending on the structure) may also bring a yield lower than the growth/fall of the underlying instrument.

    Credit risk – an investment in structured deposits involves carrying credit (bankruptcy) risk of the Bank, in which the deposit is being set up. Therefore the deposit holder, in case of lack of the Bank’s solvency, shall receive funds due to him under the deposit, in keeping with currently valid principles of protection of funds by Bankowy Fundusz Gwarancyjny.

    Liquidity risk – the holder of an structured deposit may at any time during the subscription period and during the investment period, terminate the investment by withdrawing 100% of principal. It must be remembered that terminating an structured deposit after the subscription period and before its maturity causes the obligation to pay a handling fee upon termination of the structured deposit, the amount of which fee is stipulated in Structured Deposit Terms and Conditions.

    Tax risk – risk of change of tax regulations, causing that investing in financial instruments and products will be involved with a higher tax burden than before, which may make the investment less cost effective.

    Product complexity – concerns risk involved with the nature of the product and documents involved. The more complex and non-standard a product is, the more complex will its documents and descriptions contained in them be. In result understanding how a product works may be difficult in case of a complicated structure of the product and its documents.

    Conclusion by a customer of transactions on financial instruments or products is the basis for considering that the customer has read and accepted the terms and conditions of the transaction and the risk involved.

    Detailed descriptions of risks are presented in Description of risk involved with financial instruments and products for individuals in Bank Millennium S.A., available in the Bank’s branches and on its website.

  • Information about BFG guarantee

    Money deposited on an Structured Deposit is guaranteed by BFG in keeping with The Act on the Bank Guarantee Fund, Deposit Guarantee Scheme and Resolution of 10 June 2016. 100% protection is provided for money investment in the Bank, the total amount of which in PLN together with other monies invested in the Bank’s products, covered by the statutory protection system, does not exceed the equivalent of 100 000 euro. Protection is provided for funds of individuals in keeping with art. 2 point 3) in connection with art. 17 sect.1 of the above-mentioned Act. For calculation of the value of euro in zloty the average FX rate is used from the day of fulfilment of the guarantee condition, announced by the National Bank of Poland.

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Legal disclaimers

All and any information contained in this publication is for information purposes only and does not constitute an offer, or a recommendation or an invitation addressed to anyone (or any group of persons whatsoever) to conclude a transaction involving the financial instruments presented herein. In particular the information contained in this publication does not constitute an offer in the meaning of the Civil Code of 23rd April 1964 nor is it a service of investment, financial, tax, legal or any other advice.

Any investment decision should be taken on the basis of information contained in the Terms and Conditions of the investment deposit and not on the abbreviated description contained herein. The above document is available in the Bank’s branches and on its website This publication contains the position of Bank Millennium S.A. ("Bank") expressed on the basis of its own assessment of facts, which are important to the Bank as well as relevant legal provisions. The Bank assures that it made due efforts in order that the information contained in this publication is reliable and based on authoritative sources, however the Bank cannot guarantee that information obtained from sources outside the Bank is reliable, complete and up-to-date. Additionally the Bank informs that information and analyses contained in this publication are based on information coming from public sources, which were not verified independently by the Bank and moreover may be subject to periodical changes. The Bank shall not be held liable in any way for the financial consequences of performance by the customer of transactions on the financial instruments described herein. At the same time the Bank reserves the possibility of making changes to the form as well as content of this publication, at any time and without notice.

The terms and conditions presented herein are indicative. Any and all prices and (or) examples of transactions are for illustrative purposes solely and do not constitute an offer to conclude transactions under such terms and conditions, nor do they constitute indication that a transaction under such terms and conditions is possible. Moreover no calculations or results presented herein provide a guarantee of future gains. The actual terms and conditions of a transaction on financial instruments shall be on market terms and conditions defined at the time of its conclusion. Any and all preliminary price quotes and analyses contained herein have been prepared on the basis of assumptions and parameters reflecting the assessment or choice made by the Bank. The Bank does not give any guarantee of precision, completeness or reasonableness of these quotations or analyses.

The risk of using the information contained herein, in particular as regards taking investment decisions on its basis, shall be borne exclusively by its recipient.

Financial transactions involve risk, presented in detail in the "Description of risk associated with financial instruments and products for private persons in Bank Millennium S.A", available in the Bank's outlets and on its website.

Conclusion by the customer of transactions involving financial instruments is the basis for consideration that the customer has read the terms and conditions of the transaction as well as the related risk and has accepted them.

Dissemination, distribution and trading of some financial products may be subject to restrictions with respect to certain persons and countries, in keeping with relevant legislation. It is for the customer to demonstrate legal capacity and authority to invest in the financial instrument. Offering and trading of financial instruments may be done only in compliance with relevant legal regulations.

Information contained in this publication shall be made available to the recipient on a strictly confidential basis. The recipient is not authorised to copy, reproduce or furnish and make the information in whole or in part available in any other way to third parties (except its furnishing to professional advisors) without the Bank's prior written consent.


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