Prestige Personal Account

About the account

Prestige Personal Account provides highest quality of banking service

The practical and convenient Prestige Personal Account is the foundation of the Customer’s financial relationship with the Bank and access to the Prestige offer as well as related privileges and benefits.

The account ensures convenience and reliability as well as unrestricted 24/7 contact with the Bank by means of the special Linia Prestige, user-friendly and many times rewarded Millenet internet banking system and also an innovative mobile application for smartphones and tablets.

Prestige Personal Account is kept free of charge for all Customers with monthly inflows to the account of at least PLN 10,000 or with assets over PLN 100,000 kept in Bank Millennium Group. Offer details are available in the General Regulations on Provision of Banking Services for Individuals in Bank Millennium SA and price list available in the Bank’s branches as well as on the Price Lists and Regulations website.

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