FX Personal Accounts

About the account

An FX personal account facilitates settlements in the foreign currency

The personal account is kept free of charge in: EUR, USD, CHF and GBP for Holders of Prestige World Account or Prestige Personal Account. It ensures easier settlement of FX transactions for persons who travel often and make purchases abroad.

The EUR accounts gets a free of charge Millennium Maestro Voyager debit card, which allows unrestricted use of money on the account without having to pay a monthly fee for the card.

Convenient and unrestricted access to the account is possible by phone (Linia Prestige) and the internet (Millenet, mobile banking).

Offer details are available in the General Regulations on Provision of Banking Services for Individuals in Bank Millennium SA as well as price list available in the Bank’s branches as well as on the Price Lists and Regulations website.

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