500 PLN bonus for your business

Open a business account in Bank Millennium, meet the conditions and benefit from the promotion - up to 500 PLN extra is waiting!

500 PLN for start for your business

Open Konto Mój Biznes account, meet the conditions and get even 500 PLN in promotion:

  • to get 200 PLN, in January, Febuary and March make a transfer to ZUS in the amount of min. 250 PLN and deposit min. 1000 PLN of external funds
  • in addition, you can get 300 PLN when you meet the above conditions plus order a payment terminal and provide min. 1000 PLN of incoming transactions from the terminal until the end of March 2021

The promotion lasts till 31.12.2020 . The number of people entitled to receive the bonus is limited.
Legal note

SEPA transfer for 0 PLN

Benefit from the promotion:

  • make transfers in euros (SEPA) in the European Union, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein for 0 PLN
  • increase your business volume abroad
  • lower billing costs in euros.

Legal note
The “SEPA transfer for PLN 0” promotion applies to Clients who have or open an account in Bank Millennium under “Terms and Conditions of Opening and Keeping Bank Accounts for Corporate Banking Clients at Bank Millennium S.A.” or “Terms and Conditions of Opening and Keeping Bank Accounts for Small Businesses and Other Entities at Bank Millennium S.A.” and is valid from 1 November 2019 until 31 December 2020. Having satisfied requirements specified in ”SEPA transfer for PLN 0” Regulations, a participant shall be eligible for a reward in the form of no fees for outgoing SEPA transfers sent via the e-banking system or mobile app as well as for incoming SEPA transfers. The above documents are available in the Bank branches and at www.bankmillennium.pl.

About the account

Offer for startups!

Do you have a business less than a year?

You do not pay for operating an account for 12 months regardless of whether you meet the conditions!

Why Konto Mój Biznes account?

Konto Mój Biznes account is an ideal solution for sole traders and partners in civil-law companies.


You can have it completely free of charge, just make at least one transfer to ZUS/Tax Office per month or deposit min. 1000 PLN of external funds a month.

Zero złotych
  • Zero złotych for maintaining a payment account
  • Zero złotych for cash withdrawals from Bank Millennium cash machines
  • Zero złotych for 20 online transfers in a month
  • Zero złotych for online transfers to ZUS/Tax Office
Zero złotych


  • Bank on the go

    Have your account with you at all times - download and activate our mobile app. In the app you can, among others, quickly check account balance and send transfers, e.g. to ZUS and Tax Office.

  • Get it done with Millenet

    Take advantage of our multitasking, all-purpose e-banking system. Take advantage of our simple and efficient functions such as automatic identification of incoming payments or easy history search.

  • Pay without wallet

    You have more payment options than a card. With free Bank Millennium mobile app you can pay in stores and online, or even withdraw and deposit cash in ATMs using your phone.

  • Log in conveniently

    You can log in to your business account with the same credentials you use for individual account. Switch between the accounts easily with a single click in online banking system.

  • Pay invoices instantly

    With our mobile app you can pay invoices in a split second. Scan the invoice QR code with your phone - details will be imported automatically, and you just confirm the payment.

  • Deposit cash safely

    Thanks to closed cash deposit, night drop and cash deposit with delivery option you can securely transfer cash to the Bank any time you wish, even outside of normal banking hours.

How to open

  1. 1
    How to open -

    Log in to Millenet with the same credentials as you log in to your individual account.

    Open now Konto Mój Biznes account

  2. 2
    How to open -

    Fill in the application form and confirm the entered data. Ready!

  1. 1
    How to open -

    Prepare an ID card and NIP (tax identification number) for your business.

    OPEN NOW Konto Mój Biznes account

  2. 2
    How to open -

    Complete the application. You will confirm your identity by logging in to your individual account at another bank.

  3. 3
    How to open -

    After sending the application, we will verify its correctness and activate your account.

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