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Operating account for 0 PLN

Zero złotych
  • Zero złotych for payment account maintenance
  • Zero złotych for debit card maintenance and cash withdrawals from all ATMs
  • Zero złotych for convenient BLIK mobile transfers
  • Zero złotych for domestic PLN transfers in online banking and mobile app

Operating Konto 360° account and debit card as well as ATM cash withdrawals are is free of charge if you provide min. 1000 PLN of external inflow to the account and make at least 1 payment with the card or by BLIK per month. If any of the conditions is not met, fee for operating Konto 360° account and debit card is 15 PLN per month.

Zero złotych

Apply for Konto 360° account

How do you want to sign the agreement?

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    Apply for Konto 360° account -

    Fill in the application online

    All you need is your identity card.

    APPLY NOW Konto 360° account

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    Apply for Konto 360° account -

    We call you

    Shortly after your online application we will call you and set up time and place of your agreement delivery.

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    Apply for Konto 360° account -

    You sign the agreement

    Courier delivers your documents and debit card. You will be asked to show your ID card and sign the agreement. We will activate your account within 1-3 business days from the moment you sign the agreement.

  1. 1
    Apply for Konto 360° account -

    Fill in the application online

    All you need is your identity card.

    APPLY NOW Konto 360° account

  2. 2
    Apply for Konto 360° account -

    Sign the agreement at any branch

    The agreement will be waiting for you at any Bank branch. We will activate the account immediately after signing the agreement and you will receive debit card within a few days by mail.

Use your free of charge debit card

Pay and withdraw money with card

With your account you get a secure and modern Millennium Visa Konto 360° account card free of charge

Pay securely

Turn on Safety Package for your card and get 25 SMS notifications about card operations per month!

Let your savings grow

Let your savings grow

You get Konto Oszczędnościowe Profit savings account with your Konto 360° account free of charge

Why? Because your hard earned savings deserve 2.7% interest rate annually for 100 days for new funds up to 100 000 PLN

Get Very Helpful Package
for a year fee-free

Unique assistance package on the market, available only
for Bank Millennium clients holding Konto 360° account

  • Home assistance

  • Medical assistance

  • Benefit from IT

You can use it free of charge for a year (then only 4,98 PLN per month). The package covers 7 call-outs per year.
Here you will learn more about Very Helpful Package

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Gain rewards with your friends

  • 4 tickets to Multikino (2D) or Helios (2D/3D)
  • 80 PLN ecard for
  • 80 PLN gift card for Zalando
  • 10% money back for cashless transactions (up to 30 PLN/month for 3 months)
  • 4% annually on a 3-month deposit from 500 to 15 000 PLN

Terms and conditions of getting and collecting reards are available in regulations

Bank wherever you want and the way you want


Log in to Millenet and get immediate support! Thanks to MilleStart guide you will quickly find your way around our online banking system. You can apply for 500+ benefit or use Trusted Profile through Millenet.

Mobile app

Logging in to mobile app takes only a second because you can log in with PIN, fingerprint or Face ID. You can buy through mobile app public transport tickets, keep your loyalty cards, pay for parking and use BLIK payments.

Pay conveniently at Bank Millennium

  • Pay with BLIK

    You can pay with BLIK code in traditional and online shops and quickly withdraw cash from ATMs even when you don't have a plastic card.

  • Pay with phone

    Mobile contactless payments let you pay conveniently with your phone, without the need to reach for the wallet and card. Service available for Android and iOS platforms.

When you need extra money

  • Overdraft (credit in current account)

    Additional funds on your account. Salary transfer automatically repays and renews used overdraft. You can use the overdraft without interest for 7 days in settlement month.

    APR 10,47%

  • Credit card

    Choose yours - Millennium Alfa or Millennium Impresja. Both offer cashback up to 5% for shopping at Partner stores, even 760 PLN annually.

    APR 14,55%

  • Cash Loan

    Bank Millennium clients can quickly and conveniently apply for a loan completely online and with minimum formalities.

    APR 7,68%

Konto walutowe

Open account in euros, dollars, pounds or francs. Settle your loans and open term deposits in foreign currency more conveniently without the risk of exchange rate differences.

Why Bank Millennium

  • Newsweek's 2018 Friendly Bank

    I place in Mobile banking category
    II place in Everyday bank category
    III place in Online banking and Mortgage banking

  • Golden Banker 2018

    Bank Millennium wins in the category: Personal account

  • Golden Banker 2018

    Bank Millennium wins in the category: Security – best practices

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