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BLIK. Pay and withdraw money with your phone

BLIK is a new mobile payments system available in Bank Millennium Mobile Application. Instead of searching for your wallet in a hurry, pay and withdraw money from the ATM - conveniently and safely - with BLIK.

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Additional products

Millennium Visa Konto 360°

The card to your account that enables contactless (PayWave) and online (3D Secure) payments and withdraw cash while paying with the card at shops (cash back).

Mobile phone top-ups

You can top up your mobile phone by SMS, ATM or mobile application.

Transfers to e-mail or phone numer for PLN 0

With Konto 360°you can perform free of charge transfers to e-mail or phone number, without providing the account number.

Finance Manager

Access to your personal Finance Manager which facilitates household budgeting and control over incoming and outgoing transfers.

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