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The Bank evaluates the applicant’s credit capacity each time before granting a credit card; if credit capacity requirements are not met the Bank will not conclude the credit card agreement. The card comes with “Pakiet Assistance Impresja” insurance, which is free of charge until the end of the first full calendar month. The fee for subsequent months is PLN 4.99. The insurance may be cancelled at any time during validity of the card agreement. Fees, interest rate as well as other details are stipulated in the Rules and Regulations on Credit Cards Issued by Bank Millennium SA; Rules and Regulations on Bonus Sales of Millennium Visa Impresja Credit Card Issued by Bank Millennium SA “Moneyback”; Rules and Regulations on Bonus Sales of Millennium MasterCard Impresja Credit Card Issued by Bank Millennium SA “Moneyback”; Price List – Credit Cards; “Pakiet Assistance Impresja” insurance Terms & Conditions; Pakiet Assistance Impresja Product Sheet – available in Millennium branches and on www.bankmillennium.pl. Offer details are also available from TeleMillennium by calling 801 331 331.

You will find rebate vouchers in the April issues of Twój Styl and Grazia magazines (on sale from 14 March 2017). Promotion Rules and Regulations as well as addresses of shops/outlets taking part in Stylish Shopping promotion can be found on the website of the promotion organiser – Bauer sp. z o.o. publisher: www.styl.pl/stylowezakupy

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Mortgage Loan

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0% commission on mortgage loan (APR 4.40%)

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Fees, commissions and interest rate are stipulated in the Mortgage/Home Equity Loan Price List. Details concerning the principles and conditions for granting loans are stipulated in the Regulations on Lending to Individuals in Mortgage Banking in Bank Millennium S.A. The Regulations and the Price List are available in the Bank’s branches and on www.bankmillennium.pl. The Bank will assess the Applicant’s credit capacity and creditworthiness on a case-by-case basis prior to granting the loan; in justified cases the Bank may refuse to grant it.

Promotion valid for applications Mortgage Loan, Mortgage Loan in “Flat for the Young” programme, Consolidation Loan and Home Equity Loan submitted to 30.04.2017.
Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is 4.40% and it was calculated with the assumption that WIBOR 3M is 1.73 % (as of 30.11.2016). Total loan amount (net of debt-financed costs) is PLN 200,000; total amount due is PLN 325,229.38; variable interest rate 3.82% (however it may not be lower than the minimum interest rate of 3%); total cost of the loan PLN 125,229.38 (including: loan approval fee PLN 0; interest PLN 110,768.95; fee for increased risk until the mortgage is written for 6 months in the amount of PLN 1002; real estate fire and other accidents insurance as per the offer available via the Bank PLN 5,700; life insurance as per the offer available via the Bank PLN 6,959.43; fee for real estate value appraisal PLN 480;  Tax on Civil Law transactions as well as court fees for writing and removing the mortgage – PLN 319 in total); loan tenor 300 months; loan instalment PLN 1,035.90. The calculation was made as of 31.12.2016 on a representative example, assuming that: value of loan security is PLN 250,000 and the loan margin reflects possession by the Customer of a personal account with monthly inflows of salary or other income (net) and a debit card in Bank Millennium as well as making non-cash transactions with this card in the minimum amount of PLN 500 per month.

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  • Nagroda Global Finance 2016

    Nagroda Global Finance 2016

    For Poland’s best digital consumer bank, according to the independent Global Finance magazine.

  • Nagroda Global Finance 2016

    Nagroda Global Finance 2016

    For the best online deposit, credit and investment product.

  • Złoty Bankier

    Złoty Bankier

    Bank Millennium wins in the category: Security – best practices.

  • Service Quality Star

    Service Quality Star

    Bank Millennium was honoured with the prestigious Service Quality Star award.

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    Jakość na bank

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  • Newsweek’s Friendly Bank

    Newsweek’s Friendly Bank

    High quality of service confirmed with 3 ranking categories won in 2015

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    Consumer’s choice

    The highest level of satisfaction and acceptance in the “Banking services” category.

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