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Join Like it? Share it! programme. Recommend Konto 360° account or Konto 360° Student account. Rewards are waiting.

Rewards are waiting

In this edition you can choose from:

  • Cinema tickets

    4 tickets to Multikino (2D) or Helios (2D/3D)

  • 80 PLN to

    80 PLN for any product in online store

  • 80 PLN on

    80 PLN for any product in online store

  • Money back

    Premium of 10% for card and BLIK payments, up to 30 PLN/month for 3 months

  • 4% on term deposit annually

    3-month term deposit from 500 to 10,000 PLN

Terms and conditions of getting and collecting rewards are available in regulations.

How does it work?

Has your friend given you the invitation code? Check how to use it and benefit.

Open Konto 360° or Konto 360° Student account by entering the invitation code below


Use your account - pay by card or BLIK to spend 360 PLN within 30 days of account opening


Select your reward! You can now invite your friends and get more rewards

Like it? Share it! Check how to join the programme and get rewards.

Join the programme in Millenet or mobile app and start inviting your friends. Start inviting in Millenet


Motivate your friends who opened the account to pay by card or BLIK. All they need to do is spend 360 PLN within 30 days of account opening.


After fulfilling the programme conditions you and invited friends can select rewards.

Enter the invitation code from your friend in order to open an account online
and join the LIKE IT? SHARE IT! programme.

Lots of benefits with Konto 360º

A multitasking and convenient Konto 360° and Konto 360° Student accounts. You can use as you like – via Millenet, Bank Millennium mobile app, helpline or by visiting our branch.
  • for payment account maintenance
  • for issuing payment card
  • for cash withdrawals
  • for direct debits and standing orders
  • internal transfer order and transfer order to another domestic bank
  • for transfers to e-mail or mobile number