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Our products

  • Konto 360° account

    Fill in the application quickly online and enjoy an account full of benefits – any time, any place.

  • Credit cards

    With a credit card you can get e.g. discounts in stores, cash back on shopping or additional insurance.

  • Debit cards

    Choose a debit card tailored to your needs – in foreign or Polish currency.

  • Prepaid card

    Discover a prepaid card, which can be a great idea for a gift or convenient electronic pocket money.

  • Mobile contactless payments

    Make mobile contactless payments – activate your virtual card free of charge and pay, even if you do not have a plastic card.

  • Loans

    You need money to make your dreams come true or you have some unexpected expenses? We will help you choose the best product.

  • Mortgage loans

    Are you dreaming of an own house? See how we can help you with your property purchase.

  • Savings and investments

    Discover modern savings and investment products, thanks to which you can multiply your accumulated money more efficiently.

  • Insurance

    Insure yourself and your loved ones on a trip or benefit from attractive motor insurance – you can apply for these products online.

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