Enjoy a product and put the payment off!

We released a new payment method BLIK Pay Later

BLIK Pay Later - shop and don't pay for 30 days

Don't postpone your dream purchase. Postpone the payment! Use BLIK Pay Later at online stores.

Order the product right away and see if everything suits you. You have 30 days to pay, and you only need our app to do it. You won't miss a single occasion!

How can I use it?

  • look for BLIK Pay Later on a store's website and select it as a payment method
  • use a regular BLIK code and activate the service in a few steps
  • confirm your purchase in the mobile app
BLIK Pay Later

You will find your limit status and BLIK Pay Later history in the app in the BLIK section after completing the first transaction. By activating the service, you enter into a credit agreement with Polski Standard Płatności. Using the BLIK Pay Later limit involve querying BIK (Biuro Informacji Kredytowej S.A.) databases and verifying creditworthiness.

BLIK transfer request - settle up with friends

Ludzie z kawą i telefonem komórkowym

Going out together? Contributing a birthday present? Send a request to transfer a specific amount via BLIK!

The recipient has 72 hours to transfer the money to you. The payment can be done with just one click in the app. The money will reach you immediately.

How it works.

  • In the mobile app, select BLIK payments, then BLIK Request for BLIK transfer
  • Select a person from your contact list on your phone who can receive BLIK Transfer Requests. You will recognise them by the BLIK icon.
  • Enter the title and amount of the transfer and confirm the operation. Done!

Pay contactless with BLIK - no card, no code, fast and secure

When making an order on the Uber Eats platform, choose to pay with BLIK and receive:

  • you don't rewrite the code
  • you don't need a card
  • you don't have to log in to the app
  • you can choose your current account or your credit card account as your payment source

The service works on phones with Android operating system.
More information on BLIK contactless payments can be found in the General Regulations on the provision of banking services for individuals at Bank Millennium S.A. (in Polish)

  1. 1

    Go to the Payments in menu > Mobile contactless payments > BLIK contactless payments.

  2. 2

    Turn on the service and activate the NFC function, which will allow your phone to connect to the payment terminal during the payment.

  3. 3

    Before you make the first payment, wait for the notification that you can now pay with BLIK contactless.

  1. 1

    Unlock the phone ("slide to unlock" is not considered a lock). You have 60 seconds to complete the transaction after unlocking your phone.

  2. 2

    Hold the phone close to the payment terminal as if making a contactless card payment.

  3. 3

    Done! The payment confirmation will appear on the terminal.
    If you confirm payments with the app PIN, put the phone close to the terminal. Then, enter the app PIN on the phone and hold the phone close to the terminal again.

Reaches your account in a flash and completely for free

Send BLIK transfers to mobile

  • you do not need to know the account number you want to send money to, you only need recipient's phone number – enter it yourself or choose from the contact list of your phone
  • BLIK icon next to the phone number on the contact list in the app will show whether your friend can receive BLIK transfer to mobile
  • money will reach recipient immediately, also on weekends and holidays
  • you do not spend a thing because transfer is free of charge

Receive BLIK transfers to mobile

  • Register your phone number in the mobile app. In order to do so:
  • log in to the Bank mobile app
  • on the main screen choose BLIK code > BLIK settings > Transfer to mobile settings or from the menu choose Settings > Payment settings > Transfer to mobile settings
  • select default account for BLIK transfers to mobile
  • Now you can conveniently send and immediately receive BLIK transfers to mobile 24/7, even at weekends and holidays.

Transfer can be made to a beneficiary who has an account in banks offering BLIK transfer to mobile service, therefore:
Bank Millennium, Alior Bank, ING, mBank, PKO Bank Polski, Getin Bank, Credit Agricole, Noble Bank, Bank Pekao, Bank Ochrony Środowiska.

About BLIK code

Forgot your wallet? That’s ok. You’ve got BLIK – secure and free mobile payments. All you need is a smartphone with Bank Millennium app.

It’s simple: instead of a payment card, use a 6-digit, one-time BLIK code displayed in the app. All BLIK transactions are authorized by mobile app PIN or “Accept” button:

  • no need to have a payment card
  • make ATM withdrawals and deposits
  • pay in fixed POS and online

You will find BLIK code and transfer to mobile in the mobile app on the screen before login. Just click on BLIK icon in the bottom right corner.

The shortcut to BLIK before login is completely safe. To complete the transaction, you need to enter PIN code to the mobile app.

How BLIK works

  1. 1
    How BLIK works -

    At an ATM or in online store select BLIK payment option or tell the merchant in POS you wish to pay by BLIK.

  2. 2
    How BLIK works -

    On the ATM keypad, payment terminal or store’s website enter the 6-digit BLIK code from the app.

  3. 3
    How BLIK works -

    Don’t forget to confirm the transaction on the app screen. That’s all!

  1. 1
    How BLIK works -

    In a Cash Deposit Machine select BLIK deposit and enter the 6-digit BLIK code from the mobile app on the Cash Deposit Machine keypad

  2. 2
    How BLIK works -

    Confirm the transaction by entering the PIN in the mobile app

  3. 3
    How BLIK works -

    Insert banknotes into the Cash Deposit Machine and confirm the amount

BLIK checks

BLIK checks

Send money to any person at any time. He doesn’t even need to have a bank account, card, mobile app or Internet access. The recipient can then either make an ATM withdrawal or use the check to pay in POS or in online stores, while the unused amount will be automatically returned to your account.


In the mobile app specify the amount and validity of the check (from 15 minutes to 72 hours). Each check has a unique, 9-digit number. Define the password, which you will provide to the recipient together with the check number.

  1. 1

    Prepare the check number and password you received from the check issuer. Select the BLIK withdrawal option in the ATM.

  2. 2

    Enter the 9-digit check number.

  3. 3

    Enter the check password.

  1. 1

    Tell the merchant in a POS you wish to pay by BLIK or select the BLIK payment option in an online store.

  2. 2

    Enter the 9-digit check number.

  3. 3

    Enter the check password.

dłonie trzymające telefon

Shopping without code

Online shopping with BLIK has just become more convenient. Pay safely and even faster – instead of typing in the 6-digit BLIK code, make a single click in the mobile app.

dłonie trzymające telefon
  • Make at least one transaction with a BLIK code in an online store.
  • Once your transaction has been accepted, the app will ask you if from now on you wish to pay in this store or using the current browser without having to enter the code.
  • That's all! Next time you shop you'll pay even faster.
  • You can shop without code using an Internet browser on your mobile or desktop device, e.g., smartphone, laptop or tablet. Whichever device you use, have your smartphone with you to confirm the payment in the Bank Millennium mobile app.

    You can easily manage Shopping without code in the mobile app. Add stores and browsers, in which you want to shop without code. You can remove them or add again anytime.

  • Shopping without code is as safe as traditional BLIK payments with a code or card payments. Apart from daily payment limit and a maximum number of daily transactions, every transaction is additionally confirmed with a mobile app PIN.
    Learn more about security

Questions and answers

  • The BLIK service is free of charge for all clients who use the Bank Millennium mobile app.

    To download and use the app you must have an Internet connection, for which your provider charges you independently.

    Fees and commissions charged on BLIK transactions are stipulated in the Price List:
    Price List – BLIK Mobile Payment - in Polishlink opens in a new window

  • In fixed point of sales carrying the BLIK logo and in online stores which support BLIK payments.

    logo BLIK

  • Default settings of BLIK payments permit 20 transactions a day in the total amount of 1000 PLN. Limit settings can be changed in Millenet. Log in to Millenet and from the drop-down menu under your name select BLIK settings > BLIK transaction limits.

    Limits not eligible for change:

    • single BLIK transaction – up to 10 000 PLN,
    • single check amount – up to 4000 PLN,
    • daily amount of all checks combined – up to 5000 PLN.
  • ATMs of Bank Millennium, ING, mBank, PKO Bank Polski, BNP Paribas, Getin Bank, Noble Bank, Alior Bank, Bank Pekao, Santander Bank Polski, Bank Pocztowy, Credit Agricole, Bank Spółdzielczy, Bank BPS, Nest Bank.

  • BLIK works on all Android and iOS devices. To use BLIK, you need an internet connection (data package or Wi-Fi).

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