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  1. Prestige World Account

    Prestige World Account

    World class banking service

  2. Internetowy Gigant I

    Internetowy Gigant I

    Structured deposit

  3. Millennium TFI funds

    Millennium TFI funds

    An investment that you can adjust to yourself thanks to the 12 Millennium TFI funds
  4. Many matters, fixed instalment

    Many matters, fixed instalment

    Borrow up to 40 000 PLN in promotion (APR 12.01%)

Personal Expert

Personal Expert

Personal Expert is the new quality of service, you and your finances deserve to have your man in the bank. Check how to get access to the services of our Personal Expert.

Prestige branches

Prestige branches

Prestige also stands for exclusive branches with modern and discrete interiors to meet with Advisors in privacy. The branches are located in Bank Millennium Financial Centres in Poland's largest cities.


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