MiFID (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive) is the European Directive concerning the market of financial instruments and products, which sets down a uniform legal framework for banks, brokerage houses as well as other brokerage operators in the European Union as well as in Iceland, Norway and Lichtenstein.

The MiFID Directive aims to enhance and harmonise Client protection in banks, increasing consistency and transparency of the operation of banks as well as increasing competitiveness on the financial instruments market.

Markets in Financial Instruments Directive

What is MiFID?

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Client classification

Read about Client classification rules and the Bank's obligations.

Appropriateness assessment

We will check, which financial instruments and products and investment services are appropriate for you.

Risk description

Read about the nature of financial instruments and products and related risks.

Conflict of interests

We operate in a reliable way and in the Clients' best interest.


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