Cashback up to 25% on online shopping

Check Cashback service in the app and Millenet

Get 20 PLN first shop bonus

Shop one in nearly 800 famous brands with Cashback service:

  • get 20 PLN bonus and cashback
  • any shopping is a chance for another cashback, up to 25%
  • collect min. 21 PLN and transfer to your account

You can benefit from “Bonus na start do usługi Zwroty za zakupy - edycja II” promotion if you open Millennium 360° account, accept Cashback service consent or you accept it during promotion and you have never made any transaction under Cashback service. Promotion runs from 4.07.2022 r. until further notice. We'll inform on our website about its completion at least 7 days in advance. Details in regulations (in Polish)otwiera się w nowej karcie.

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Buy and benefit

Shop in your favorite online stores with our app and Millenet and a percentage of your spending will return to you:

  • get up to 25% cashback
  • benefit in almost 800 online stores
  • get access to special offers only for bank customers with Millennium 360° account
  • check your cashback in the app and Millenet

Check how it works

Always start your shopping in our app or Millenet. Find Cashback section on the home page or choose Additional services section from the menu and Cashback. At this stage, we may ask you to accept additional consents regarding the transfer of banking secrecy information and provision the service.

  • Go to the store

    In the mobile app or Millenet select online store and go to it using a link.

  • Shop as always

    Shop online and pay. Cashback amount will be shown within 3 working days in pending funds in the app and Millenet.

  • Get cashback

    As soon as the store confirms your shopping, you get cashback. Cashback is transferred from pending to approved funds within 30 days on average.

  • Collect

    Collect min. 21 PLN and transfer it, for example, to your personal account.

  • Check cashback amount

    Every category of products in given store may give a different cashback value. Before making a purchase, make sure how much cashback you will receive and whether the store does specify a maximum cashback amount.

  • Simple rules

    Remember to go to the store via the link in the app and Millenet first, then make purchase. Do not interrupt the so-called shopping path. Accept cookies and do not use ad blockers.

  • Be patient

    The transaction approval time by the store varies - it takes 30 days on average , but it can take up to 90 days. Remember that if you make a complaint about the goods, return it or withdraw from the contract, you will not receive cashback.

  • How the store counts cashback

    Cashback amount is calculated on the basis of the price of the good or service (on the gross or net price - depending on the brand). This amount doesn't include: delivery costs, the amount paid with a gift card (there may be exceptions), differences resulting from currency conversion (if the store calculates cashback in a foreign currency)

How to get cashback?

What is your cashback status?

You can check the status of your transaction in the app and Millenet. We divided them in 3 groups:
  • Pending. You'll see your transaction here within 3 working days from making purchase. Cashback remains in this section until the shop approves it. It takes 30 days on average.

  • Approved. You find here transactions verified positively by the store. Collect min. 21 PLN and transfer to your account.

  • Rejected. Transactions which are not approved by stores can be found here, e.g. if you return the good.

Buy in these brands and get cashback

Get cashback in almost 800 online stores, e.g. here:

Gain more with Millennium 360° account

  • 0 PLN for account maintenance
  • bigger cashback on shopping
  • special offers - we'll present you the list of offers that may perfectly suits your needs

If you don't have the account in Bank Millennium, you can convenintly open it online without having to leave home in even 15 minutes.
If you have Konto 360° or Konto 360° Student and you want to convert it to new Millennium 360° account, you can do it in any branch.


Shopping and cashback

  • Cashback service is a smart idea to get back a percentage of spending on online shopping. Just use the link in our app or Millenet and go to the online store. Shop online and get even 25% cashback.

    There are almost 800 famous brands in the programme, e.g., Empik, Media Markt, Media Expert.

  • Thanks to Cashback service you can save money, up to 25% of the value. The possibility of receiving an additional refund makes online shopping even more profitable. Remember this option when making transactions - more savings may appear on your account.

  • Log in to your bank account in the mobile app or Millenet. Cashback section can be found on the home page or in the menu / Additional services / Cashback.

    Select the offer you are interested in and click on the tile. After that, all you have to do is select the option Go to store and do the shopping (do not hesitate to add items to the cart and pay in order to be sure that the cashback is correctly calculated). The transaction will be registered in your profile within 3 working days.

Shopping rules

  • It's easy! Just select the offer in the mobile app or Millenet and use the link to the store.

    When you are on the shop website, shop and pay.

    Remember a few rules in order to have transaction approved and cashback calculated properly:

    • before you start shopping, clear your browser history and cookies
    • if you use plugins such as AdBlock, turn it off. It may cause that your transaction won't be registered
    • do not open other websites during shopping
    • do not add product to the basket before you start shopping in the bank's app or Millenet. It is important not to disturb shopping path. If your transaction is not registered via special link, your cashback is not granted

  • Shops participating in the programme gain more customers. Therefore, they pay commission for every additional transaction. Cashback comes from this commission.

  • Yes. You always visit the exact same store website as a customer who doen't benefit from Cashback. If you start your shopping in the bank's app or Millenet, the store knows that your shopping were made under Cashback service and should give you a cashback.

  • Yes, you may.

  • Collect min. 21 PLN od approved funds and make a transfer. Use Collect option.

Additional benefits with Millennium 360° account

  • You gain access to special offers only for Millennium 360° account users. You may get better conditions, bigger cashback or special bonuses.

  • Access to special offers and bigger cashback is granted only for Millennium 360° account users.

    In order to benefit from special offer, start with logging in to your account. Choose Cashback section and check the list of recommended brands for you. We marked them with a special pink frame. Check the offer by clicking on the tile. Read the information about duration of the promotion, its conditions and cashback.


  • Within 3 working days from shopping.

    At the beginning, your cashback is in pending section. It means that it is being verified by the store. The store checks if the transaction was conducted properly and the product was not returned. It lasts 30 days on average (180 days maximum).

    Only if the store confirms your transaction, cashback is transferred to Approved section. When you collect min. 21 PLN of approved funds, you can transfer it, for example, to your bank account.

    If the store decides that the transaction didn't meet the conditions for granting cashback, it is rejected.

  • The store has not verified your purchase. Time of approval varies depending on the store. It takes 30 days on average. You may get confirmation earlier or maximum after 90 days from transation.

  • We usually need just a couple of minutes to register your transaction. You can see it in your profile. But sometimes it may take longer so the deadline for registering the transaction in the system is up to 3 working days. Before submitting a request for a missing transaction, make sure that 3 days have passed since your purchase and that your transaction has not just been added to the list.

  • Go to Cashback in the mobile app or Millenet, find Any questions? Check here section and choose Report a problem option. You'll be transferred to a special form in Millennium Goodie (it manages Cashback service), fill it in and send.

    Do not make a complainment in the bank.

  • Transfers are realized within 3 working days on average. Make sure to which account you made a transfer.

    If you haven't get the funds and you don't see them in Approved section, contact with Millennium Goodie. Instruction is above.