Lokata Slodki Zysk

About deposit

Lokata Słodki Zysk is a 12-month, very attractive way of investing money, which provides high gain and access to interest during savings period.

  • You are assured high interest rate, up to 2,50% annually.
  • Interest are transferred each month to you current account, so you can use them without having to close deposit.
  • Minimum amount of deposit is only 1000 PLN.

Funds on a Lokata SuperProcent are BFG insured, pursuant to the Banking Guarantee Fund Act.

Interest Rate

Lokata Słodki Zysk carries a fixed rate depended on the invested amount of money in accordance with the table below:

Term deposit period: from PLN 1 000 to PLN 49 999,99 from PLN 50 000
12 months 2,25% 2,50%

Interest rate per annum accrues on the total balance. Interest are transferred to client's current account each month.

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