Transaction history that's easy to grasp

Do you often look for a transaction in the history and all you see are unknown names? You've decided to return something but the receipt faded? With our feature you get a transaction history that's more personal to you:

  • add up to 3 attachments to each operation (e.g. receipt scan)
  • tag every transaction and filter history by tags
  • add location to each transaction (to online payments as well)


  • Holiday expenses

    Holiday expenses

    Do you want to better control your spending e.g. on holidays? Simply tag every holiday transaction (#holiday) to easily find all transactions with this tag and check you expenses. You can add up to 10 tags to each transaction.

  • Store names online

    Store names online

    Very often store names online or internet payments shown in your transaction history are completely unrecognizable. What you can do is to tag these transactions with names that are more personal to you, to find them easily later.

  • Lost receipt

    Lost receipt

    Do you want to make sure that your receipt or invoice doesn't fade or get lost? Take a photo and attach it to the transaction. You can add up to 3 attachments to every transaction. We accept pdf, jpg, jpeg, png and gif files.

  • Store location

    Store location

    New cafe, shop or restaurant? Sometimes it's quite difficult to remember or recall all the new places that's why now you can easily add and save location to every transaction.

How does it work

You can easily add attachments, tags, notes and location in the mobile app in three ways:

  • on the screen confirming sending a transfer or making a payment
  • once you receive a transaction notification (you can turn on notifications in settings)
  • in the history, simply select transaction details to add tags and files