Mobile contactless payments

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Contactless mobile payments

Discover a virtual card that exists only in your mobile app, without a plastic equivalent. It operates using HCE technology and makes paying for groceries easy and convenient.

  • No more waiting for card delivery
  • No necessity for Internet connection when paying
  • No charge for activating and using the card
  • No wallet needed: pay with your phone safely and easily in traditional stores

Contactless payments benefits

  • Accessible


    Contactless payments may be performed with phones using the most popular system, Android ™ (4.4. and up) and equipped with NFC module. You can pay contactlessly using your phone at any place where MasterCard contactless payments are accepted.

  • Convenient


    You don't need to have Internet access to pay with your phone. Only enable NFC module in your device (the same way you enable Wi-Fi or Bluetooth) and set Bank Millennium app as default app to perform contactless payments.

  • Simple


    To make payment you only have to unlock a phone and hold it against the payment terminal. The operation is as quick as with a contactless plastic card. When you pay more than 50 PLN, the PIN will be required.

  • Secure


    Variable transaction card number and many other security solutions launched, provide the highest safety standards of payment. What is more, you can easily block your card when you need in the app, via Millenet or helpline, as well as in a Bank's branch.

How to use it

Discover mobile contactless payments – watch the tutorial

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to enable NFC module in my phone?

    The NFC module may be enabled in the same time you create a virtual card. After setting up card PIN you will see a screen allowing to enable NFC module and set Bank Millennium mobile app as default. However, if you do not want to have NFC active at all times, you switch it on and off at will. You can do it easily in your phone settings, the same way as with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The exact way of doing it depends on the smartphone model. The function may be available either on the settings list, or when you choose 'More' option. The easiest way is to search NFC shortcut in phone settings browser. Some smartphone models may not have the NFC module. If so, the contactless mobile payments cannot be performed.

  • How to set Bank Millennium mobile app as default?

    If you haven't set Bank Millennium mobile app as deafult in the course of creating a virtual card, you can do it after enabling NFC (read above). There should appear either 'Tap & Pay' or 'Touch & Pay' option (depends on a phone). Choose the option and mark the Bank Millennium app as deafult.

  • Are persons under 18 eligible to use mobile contactless payments?

    The process requires the user to conclude an agreement on the use of the card. Under applicable law, underage persons cannot enter into such an agreement. Mobile contactless payments are thus not available to the app users under 18 years of age.

  • How to check what Android version I have?

    Select Settings > About phone or About device (depends on a phone). The contactless mobile payments may not be performed by phones with Android version earlier than 4.4 as well as by phones without NFC module.

  • How much does it cost to use a vritual card?

    Creating and using the card is free of charge. All cost information is available in Price List and Regulations for mobile debit card HCE

  • Can I pay with my phone in a case?

    Sometimes, depending on the payment terminal, phone case may interfere with NFC module and as a result payment may not be processed.

  • Why there is no 'Contactless mobile payments' option when I go to 'Others' menu in the application?

    Probably your phone either uses Android version earlier than 4.4 or is not equipped with NFC module. If so, the contactless mobile payments may not be performed. Mobile contactless payments will be also unavailable for the users under 18 years of age. If, however, card was already created, this option (Other transactions > Mobile contactless payments) will be no longer valid. Card will simply appear on the product list as Mobilna karta MasterCard® (virtual card).

  • Do I have to be Bank Millennium customer to use the service?

    Yes, you do. The service is available for all the customers who have a current account and use Bank Millennium mobile app.

  • Where can I pay contactlessly by phone?

    The virtual card may be used at any store in Poland and all over the world, where MasterCard payments are accepted.

  • How long is my virtual card valid?

    The card expires after 4 years since issued. You may of course cancel it anytime, and create a new one.

  • How can I change the card limit?

    After creating a card, its limit equals 1,000 PLN. It can be changed anytime either in application, or via Millenet. This limit counts separately from other payments limits at off-line stores.

  • Can I create a virtual card in Millenet?

    The card may be created only in mobile app. After doing it you will be able to see the card in your Cards list in Millenet.

  • How to cancel a virtual card?

    You can cancel the virtual card the same way as any contactless plastic card. Click for card details in the app or in Millenet and choose the Cancel option. You may also do it by visiting a branch or calling (+48) 22 598 41 14 (helpline available 24/7). You can also disable mobile contactless payments on your phone without cancelling the card. To do this go to MasterCard mobile card screen, select More > Mobile contactless payments > Mobile contactless payments active, and tick “NO”.

  • What kind of phone do I need to perform contactless payments?

    You can do it only with a phone using Android version 4.4 (and later), as well as equipped with NFC module.

  • Do I need Internet connection to perform a payment?

    No, you don't. You may perform 10 following payments off-line. After seventh transaction you will get a notification asking you to connect briefly with Internet in order to renew the key to next ten payments.

  • Is logging in to mobile app needed in order to perform payments?

    No, you don't have to log in. Only make sure NFC module in your phone is enabled. If so, ulock the phone and move it close to a terminal. If you pay more than 50 PLN, PIN to the card will be required.

  • How can I use the card?

    With a virtual card you may pay in traditional stores as well as withdraw cash at ATMs (if the ATM offers contactless withdrawals).

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