Mobile top-ups

Top up a phone

Your benefits

In Millennium Bank you can top up a prepaid mobile phone without additional fees, quickly and convieniently.

  • Do it easily through Millenet or mobile app
  • Top up any prepaid mobile phone
  • Choose from a wide range of mobile network operators and profit from numerous promotions

Top-ups are performed by Blue Media SA. Should you have any questions or doubts related to the service operation, please contact directly Blue Media Biuro Obsługi Klienta at 801 555 589 or +48 58 5555 300 (for mobile and international calls).

Review the Regulations and information about the top-up amounts. If you want to get an invoice, register your data upon logging into Millenet.

How to do it

  • Top up in Millenet

    Log into Millenet and select section Mobile banking > Mobile top-ups. You may top up any mobile phone – you just have to know the phone number and name of the network operator.

    If you top up a given number frequently, save it in the system. Select Add option displayed upon topping up. Next time, you will just have to select the number from the list of abbreviated names.

    Remember that abbreviated name for the number:

    • cannot contain Polish characters,
    • cannot contain special characters other than such as + - . , _
    • cannot be longer than 15 characters.

    You may also select New number option and save the number. You may assign it „Trusted” status. Then, irrespective of the top-up amount you will not have to confirm operations with SMS P@ssword.

    With List of numbers and Detailed information options, you may review the defined numbers, change them or delete.

    No additional fee is charged for the top-ups made in Millenet.

  • Top up via mobile application

    The mobile application is the fastest way to top up your pre-paid phone.

    Log into Bank Millennium mobile app and select Mobile top-ups option in the menu. Select your recipient from the list and approve the operation. You will do it in a few seconds.

    Find out more about the mobile application functions

  • Top up via MilleSMS

    You may also top-up you mobile with SMS - from any place and offline. MilleSMS service gives you this possibility.

    Activate top-ups via MilleSMS

    To configure top-ups via MilleSMS, first log into Millenet, and then select the section Mobile banking > Mobile top-ups > Top-ups via MilleSMS.

    If you have not used MilleSMS service yet, please define the number of a phone from which you will send top-up SMS (it does not need to be the number which you will top up). Select the language of the messages and save the settings to start the process of number activation. During activation in Millenet you will be provided with detailed instructions.

    However, if you have already used MilleSMS, you may use your earlier settings.

    Your next step is to select the accounts from which the top-ups will be made and numbers which you will top-up. If the selected number has not been defined yet, you may add it directly in the Top-ups via MilleSMS option. In the end remember to save all the settings. You have to confirm your service activation with SMS P@ssword.

    How to top-up?

    Send SMS message to 8058. Start the message with letter „D” (as “Doładowanie” - Top-up), and next enter the account from which you want to pay for your top-up, and the phone number you want to top-up – these may be abbreviated names pre-defined earlier. At the end enter the amount of your top-up.

    Example 1

    You want top up from account number 12345678, the phone number +48 601 456 789, which has been defined in Millenet as MY_MOB, with 50 PLN.

    SMS message to be sent to 8058: D 12345678 MY_MOB 50

    Example 2

    You want to top up from account number 23456789 with abbreviated name MONEY, the phone number +48 501 567 890 defined in Millenet with abbreviated name SOPHIE, with 25 PLN.

    SMS message to be sent to 8058: D MONEY SOPHIE 25

    After sending the top-up SMS, you will receive a reply about acceptance of the order.

    However, if your text message contains incorrect data (for instance, the data of the account which you have not selected earlier for MilleSMS Top-ups), you will receive a message with order rejection.

    Please notice

    • Always select the top-up amount proper for a given network operator. Some of the operators accept only specific amounts (for instance,  5, 25, 50 PLN), others accept full amounts from a limited range (for instance, from 10 to 500 PLN). Top-ups in the amounts that are not accepted by a given operator will  not be performed.
    • Currently, you may not top up your phone at night. Order which you sent after 22:00 will be executed in the morning.
    • Top-up orders that you will text to 8058 and all the replies are free. However, if you send your top-up order to +48 601 767 767 (+48 601 SMS SMS), then we shall charge a standard fee for this message and the replies – as for all MilleSMS Transactions.
    • We do not charge additional fees for top-ups.
    • You may order MilleSMS top-ups within your Daily Transaction Limit. MilleSMS top-ups are totalled together with MilleSMS transactions, irrespective of the operations which you order at Millenet.

Top-up promotions

  • Orange promotion - in Polish

    30% więcej za doładowanie przez internet

    Specjalna oferta dla użytkowników ofert na kartę w sieci Orange.

    Jeżeli jesteś użytkownikiem jednej z taryf na kartę w Orange lub Abonentem Mobilnej Sieci Orange dla ofert Mix, doładuj telefon kwotą 5, 10, 30, 40, 50, 100 lub 200 zł, a otrzymasz 30% więcej zasilenia!

    Promocja obowiązuje od 6 do 12 kwietnia 2017 r.

    Do każdego zasilenia zostaną przyznane dodatkowe jednostki taryfowe o wartości:

    • 1,5 zł za doładowanie nominałem 5 zł
    • 3 zł za doładowanie nominałem 10 zł
    • 9 zł za doładowanie nominałem 30 zł
    • 12 zł za doładowanie nominałem 40 zł
    • 15 zł za doładowanie nominałem 50 zł
    • 30 zł za doładowanie nominałem 100 zł
    • 60 zł za doładowanie nominałem 200 zł

    Wykorzystaj bonus w ciągu 14 dni na: rozmowy, SMS-y, MMS-y do Orange i na transfer danych (Internet). 

    Promocyjne doładowanie zostanie przekazane przez operatora w ciągu maksimum 24 godzin od doładowania konta i zostanie potwierdzone SMS-em.

    Stan i ważność konta głównego można sprawdzić bezpłatnie:

    - dzwoniąc pod numer *500
    - logując się na
    - poprzez krótki kod *124*# [zadzwoń]

    Szczegóły w regulaminie promocji.

    Pamiętaj, że możesz wygodnie doładować telefon przez Millenet.

Register prepaid SIM card through Millenet or mobile app

Register any new prepaid number or restore the number that was blocked if unregistered before 1 February 2017.

Registration is possible with the majority of mobile operators: T-Mobile, Heyah, Plus, PLAY, Orange, nju mobile, Virgin Mobile and Mobile Vikings (available now in Millenet).

  • without visiting mobile operator store
  • without additional cost
  • possibility to register more than one number

From mobile app main menu select Register SIM card or in Millenet go to section Mobile banking > Register prepaid mobile number

link opens in new window Log in

Enter your mobile phone and SIM card number

Confirm the registration with SMS P@ssword or Mobile Password and that’s it!


From mobile app main menu select Register SIM card or in Millenet go to section Mobile banking > Register prepaid mobile number

link opens in new window Log in

Enter your mobile phone and SIM card number


Confirm the registration with SMS P@ssword or Mobile Password and that’s it!

This service is available only to customers who have opened their account in one of bank branches or confirmed their identity there, after opening an account online.

According to the regulations in force, unregistered prepaid SIM cards will be blocked after 1 February 2017. The registration of prepaid SIM cards in mandatory pursuant to the provisions of the Counter-Terrorism Act of 10 of June 2016.

MilleSMS messages

Immediate information about all actions at your account

MilleSMS service allows you to receive on your mobile automatic notifications about the transactions on your account and transactions made with your payment cards. It is an additional security measure for you and full control over your account.

Find out more