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Konto 360° Student account with our innovative app that allows you to pay by phone or easily buy public transport tickets

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Check new Millennium 360° account

0 PLN for account opening and maintaining with no additional conditions. What is more, you gain access to special offers under Cashback service and completely new debit card, which is perfect for paying in any currency.

Konto 360° Student account

Free of charge, available 24/7 in a mobile app
  • for payment account maintenance
  • for debit card maintenance
  • for cash withdrawal
  • for direct debits and standing orders
  • for online and mobile domestic transfers in PLN
  • for transfers to phone number

Konto 360° Student account had been offered to customers aged between 18-26. Legal note



Pay and withdraw money with your phone

BLIK is a new mobile payments system available in Bank Millennium Mobile Application. Instead of searching for your wallet in a hurry, pay and withdraw money from the ATM - conveniently and safely - with BLIK.

How to use

  • Millenet

    Millenet is an online banking system providing security and full 7/24 online control over your finances and additional services.

  • Mobile app

    The mobile app allows you to use the account on your phone, wherever you are. You can make transfers, pay in stores, withdraw cash from ATMs and much more.

  • Branches and ATMs

    Bank Millennium provides over 750 branches throughout Poland and multifunctional Bank Millennium ATMs.


Our Consultants will provide 7/24 detailed information and will carry out your instructions.

801 331 331

Fixed line calls and mobile

Additional products

  • Debit card

    Make contactless payments in the stores and pay by card online, conveniently withdraw and deposit cash it ATMs and CDMs.

  • Current account limit

    With account limit you are able to finance you current and unexpected spending without paying interest if you use the limit for not more than 7 days in a month.

  • Profit Savings Account

    Save even small amount of money in a simple and convenient way. Deposit and withdraw money whenever you want.

  • Happy Hours

    Term deposits with promotional interest rate each week, during indicated hours.

  • Finance Manager

    Access to your personal Finance Manager which facilitates household budgeting and control over incoming and outgoing transfers.

  • Konto Walutowe

    So you will get access to service loans and deposits in foreign currencies.

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