Konto Walutowe


Stop looking for an exchange office, focus on holidays!

Travel through Europe with Foreign Currency Account in EUR and order MasterCard Voyager debit card in promotion as well.
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  • 1 Open Foreign Currency Account in EUR
  • 2 Order MasterCard Voyager card between 6 June and 30 September 2018
  • 3 Enjoy without a monthly fee for a card for a whole year

Promotion lasts till 30 September 2018.
Details are available in "Wakacje od opłat za kartę Millennium MasterCard Voyager" promotion regulations.
After a year you pay a card service fee according to the Price list - debit cards.

Legal note

About the account

Your savings in foreign currency: USD, EUR, CHF or GBP

Konto Walutowe is a safe way of saving and multiply your money. A personal foreign currency account may be used to effect operations between the PLN account and Millennium Deposit in USD, EUR or GBP.

Keeping current account in currency of loan granted in Millennium you could settle credit instalments without the risk of exchange rate differences.

Konto Walutowe means:

  • modern and convenient foreign currency account,
  • possibility of transferring interest on savings accounts held in foreign currencies,
  • possibility of receiving transfers in a currency, without selling it to the Bank,
  • safety of your savings,
  • access to your funds through Bank branches, online service Millenet and phone service TeleMillennium,
  • access to attractive savings products in foreign currencies.
  • possibility to issue for Konto Walutowe denominated in EUR Millennium MasterCard Voyager debit card settled in the same currency.

Fees, interest rate and other details of the account offering are stipulated in price lists concerning fees and commissions, debit cards, interest rates and in the General Regulations on Provision of Banking Services to Individuals in Bank Millennium S.A., available in the Bank’s branches and on the Price Lists and Regulations website.


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Additional information

Legal note

Promotion lasts from 6 June 2018 till 30 September 2018 and relates to Millennium MasterCard Voyager debit card issued to Konto Walutowe in EUR. Cardholders, who entered into a card agreement within Promotion period and did not have any other Millennium MasterCard Voyager or Millennium Maestro Voyager card, can participate in the Promotion. The details of the promotion in the Regulations „Wakacje od opłat za kartę Millennium MasterCard Voyager” available in Millennium branches and www.bankmillennium.pl. website.

Monthly fee for card after Promotion, other fees and details are stipulated in the Price List – debit cards, General Regulations on Provision of Banking Services to Individuals in Bank Millennium SA, Debit cards issued to foreign currency current account terms and condition, Terms and Conditions of “Ochrona karty” (Card Protection) Insurance, Product Card – Card Protection, available in Millennium branches and on the www.bankmillennium.pl. website, as well as in TeleMillennium ph. 801 331 331.