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What’s new in Millenet

Online banking novelties

Check what changes and new solutions we have recently introduced in our e-banking system Millenet. Keep track of all available functionalities and take advantage of online banking.

Business account

Running your own business can be easy

Especially if you hold Mój Biznes account. It's an ideal solution for sole partners. Mój Biznes account helps you manage your business in an easy and intuitive way:

  • gain quick access do the account through free mobile app and internet banking
  • if you hold a personal account in bank Millennium, you can open business account online in no time
  • if you're running a business for less than a year, you don't pay for the account for the first 12 months
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Transaction history

Transaction history that's personal to you

You make a number of transactions every day. Now you can make each and every transaction easier to find or recall. How? Add attachments (like receipt or invoice) tag the transaction (e.g. #holiday) and find everything easier.

  • Your receipts will not fade or get lost
  • Get a better handle on your expenses thanks to tagging
  • Save comments by adding a note to any transaction
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Finance Manager

Finance Manager is a free service enabling budgeting personal finance. Thanks to the Finance Manager you can easily control your expenses and manage savings.

Current ratio between income and expenses

Creating the budget i.e. a spending limit divided

Graphic analyses - System presents analysis results in the form of charts

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Mobile top-ups

Top up your mobile phone through Millenet and get of attractive promotions!

Access and login

Millenet is a service providing full Internet access to your account and other banking products.

To obtain access to the system the Client should visit the Bank’s branch and sign an application for granting access. Along with the application the Client will be given a MilleKod to log on to the system. Additionally, when signing the application one can define a daily limit for transactions performed by Millenet. When logging for the first time on to the Millenet system the Client will be sent an SMS (text) message containing P@ssword1 to the telephone number previously defined by a Bank employee. If the Client prefers not to define the telephone number at the branch, he will receive P@ssword1 in an envelope.

Some operations carried out in Millenet require additional authorisation. Operations can be approved with the use of an SMS P@ssword, i.e. SMS codes sent to the telephone number defined by the Client.

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Three steps to Millenet:

  1. Go to any branch, sign an application for using Electronic Banking Channels and set up the Main Limit (maximum daily limit of operations).

  2. Pick up your login to the system (MilleKod) and single-use P@ssword1.

  3. Log on to the system from

    When logging on enter MilleKod, selected digits of an identifier and single-use P@ssword1 received by SMS during the logon process (or enter P@ssword1 from the envelope).


Internet banking gives Customers: 

  • 7/24 access to information about accounts
  • extensive functionality
  • convenience
  • security
  • time and cost savings
  • complete control over your finances

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Virtual Advisor

Get direct support for registered users in Millenet by screen sharing service.

Get immediate help of our consultant

We are available 24 hours, 7 days a week

Using the online help does not require installing any software

Logging and security

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the safe use of Millenet.

Browser settings

Access to Millenet via computer is available using following Internet browsers with their updates: