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Representative example for Consolidation Loan with “Transfer your cash loan to Bank Millennium”/” Przenieś swoją pożyczkę do Banku Millennium” Promotion: Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is 14,47%; total loan amount (net of debt-financed costs): PLN 30 749,00; total amount due: PLN 47 141,09; fixed interest rate 6.22%; total cost of the loan: PLN 16 392,09 (including: commission 0,51% (156,82); interest PLN 8 725,16; additional services PLN 7 510,11, including insurance PLN 7 510,11); 81 monthly equal instalments of PLN 581,99. The calculation was made as of 03.04.2018 on a representative example.

Promotion “Transfer your cash loan to Bank Millennium”/” Przenieś swoją pożyczkę do Banku Millennium” applies to consolidation loans. The Consolidation Loan is a loan, part or all of the granted amount of which is assigned for consolidation of credit products (credits, cash loans, credit card and overdraft debt) from outside Bank Millennium. One of the conditions of eligibility for the Promotion is to conclude a Bezpieczna Pożyczka insurance. The promotion is available for Clients who are not a party to an agreement on cash loan or consolidation loan in the Bank. The Promotion shall not be combined with other promotions concerning cash loans and with the offering for persons transferring their salary or net income. The Promotion can be had only once during its period. The Promotion is valid from April 16th 2018 to 30st June 2018. Detailed terms and conditions of the Promotion are stipulated in “Transfer your cash loan to Bank Millennium”/” Przenieś swoją pożyczkę do Banku Millennium” Promotion Regulations

Detailed information’s about promotion are included in “Transfer your cash loan to Bank Millennium”/” Przenieś swoją pożyczkę do Banku Millennium” regulations .For detailed information about the loan see our Cash loan regulations/Regulamin kredytów i pożyczek udzielanych Klientom indywidualnym przez Bank Millennium S.A. Fees, commissions and interest are charged as per the Cash Loan Price List. detailed information about Lowest Interest Rate Guarantee see Lowest Interest Rate Guarantee Regulations/Regulamin oferty Gwarancja Najniższego Oprocentowania. Detailed principles of granting insurance cover under Bezpieczna Pożyczka insurance by Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń Europa S.A. and Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń na Życie Europa S.A. are stipulated in Bezpieczna Pożyczka Insurance Terms and Conditions as well as in Product Sheet - Bezpieczna Pożyczka Insurance. The above-mentioned documents are available in the Bank’s branches and on Prior to granting the loan the Bank evaluates the Applicant’s credit capacity and creditworthiness on a case-by-case basis; in justified cases the Bank may refuse to grant the loan.

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Representative example of overdraft limit with “Limit w koncie osobistym za 0 zł” special offer: Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is 10.47%, total credit amount (without credit financed costs): PLN 5586.98, total amount to be paid: PLN 6145.68, variable interest rate 10%, total credit cost: PLN 558.70 (including: fee 0.00% (PLN 0), interest PLN 558.70, additional services PLN 0, including: insurance PLN 0, PLN 0 – fee for Konto 360° account, in case of booking minimum 1000 PLN of external inflows on account and minimum 1 payment made with use of card issued to account/BLIK per month; otherwise, monthly account fee amounts to PLN 8, lending term: 12 months, throughout the term limit is fully utilised, monthly interest payment, repayment of principal in a single tranche at maturity. The above has been calculated as on 23.02.2018 on a representative example.

Special offer "Overdraft for 0 PLN" (Limit w koncie osobistym za 0 zł) is valid till 31 December 2018 and applies to clients who currently do not have and for the past 6 months have not had Bank Millennium Overdraft. Detailed information on the special offer and on the authorised overdraft limit, including information on set-up fee and interest rate, is provided in "Limit w koncie osobistym za 0 zł” special offer Regulations, General Rules of provision of banking services to individuals in Bank Millennium SA and in Service Price List - loan commissions, fees and interest rates. Detailed information on the personal accounts and cards to account can be found in the Service Price List and the General Rules Governing Provision of Banking Services to Individuals in Bank Millennium SA. The aforementioned documents are available in Bank branches and on Interest on overdraft used shall be collected every monthly settlement cycle for the following period: from the last day of the previous month until the last-but-one day of the current month. If the personal account overdraft was used for up to any 7 days in the monthly settlement cycle, interest shall not be accrued (this applies to personal account overdrafts up to PLN 150 000). If the overdraft was used for more than 7 days, interest shall be accrued for all the days of the overdraft and the accrued interest shall be collected on the last business day of the month.

Prior to granting of the overdraft limit, the bank, each time, performs assessment of creditworthiness and credit capacity of an Applicant and, in justified cases, has the right to refuse granting of the limit. Minimum overdraft limit is PLN 500.

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