Savings and investments

Saving vs. investing

The worlds of investing and saving are complementary. Each of them allows you to accomplish your objectives in a different way.

By combining investments with saving will give you a sense of financial comfort, and will make your accumulated money grow more efficiently.

  • How to build your capital?


    If you already have a safe financial cushion you can think of investment products to give the rest of your savings the opportunity to grow even more.


    Allows building a safe financial cushion to give you a sense of financial comfort in the future. Try to set aside at least three times your monthly spending.

  • What are my expectations?


    Potentially higher gain.


    Relatively lower pre-defined gain.

  • From what amount can I start?


    You can set up an investment product with as little as PLN 100.


    You can deposit even the smallest amount in a savings account.

  • When can I use the money?


    Usually has a long-term purpose so that the invested money can bring appropriate results.


    You can withdraw the money at any time retaining the deposited principal.

  • Can I feel safe?


    Investment products involve risk; however you can tailor it by choosing the right products.


    You have certainty that you will get the entire deposited amount.

  • Risk vs. gain


    Risk entails a potentially higher gain.


    No risk means safety, but also puts a limit on the rate of return.

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Start saving today! See how to start

1. Define your objective

A good strategy is fundamental. Realistically define your expectations and then see how our savings and investment products can support your decisions and dreams.

2. Try to set money aside regularly

Regularity is what matters most in saving and in investing. Whether you put PLN 10 or PLN 500 aside every month, if you do it regularly it will get you closer to making your dream come true.

3. Allocate the money skilfully

Make use of various products, both savings as well as investment ones, to effectively make your money grow. Better management involves dividing the money in the right way. Before choosing a product, take into consideration:

  • potential gain
  • risk level
  • access to the money while it’s invested in the product

4. Gain experience, get the know-how

The more you know about successful saving and investing, the smarter decisions you will take. Be curious, ask questions, get interested in the subject – greater knowledge about saving and investing is bound to bring results!

Find out:

  • How savings and investment products work
  • What to look for when choosing the products
  • How to manage your money to reach your objectives more successfully
  • What our experts say


Markets in Financial Instruments Directive

What is MiFID?

Look here to find basic information about MiFID.

Client classification

Read about Client classification rules and the Bank's obligations.

Appropriateness assessment

We will check, which financial instruments and products and investment services are appropriate for you.

Risk description

Read about the nature of financial instruments and products and related risks.

Conflict of interests

We operate in a reliable way and in the Clients' best interest.


Look here for all documents about MiFID in Bank Millennium.

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