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Save and invest with us

The worlds of investing and saving are complementary. Each of them allows you to accomplish your objectives in a different way.

A combination of investments with saving will give you a sense of financial comfort, and will make your accumulated money grow more efficiently.

  • What are my expectations?


    Potentially higher gain.


    Relatively lower pre-defined gain.

  • From what amount can I start?


    You can set up an investment product with as little as PLN 100.


    You can deposit even the smallest amount in a savings account.

  • When can I use the money?


    Usually has a long-term purpose so that the invested money can bring appropriate results.


    You can withdraw the money at any time retaining the deposited principal.

  • Can I feel safe?


    Investment products involve risk; however you can tailor it by choosing the right products.


    You have certainty that you will get the entire deposited amount.

  • Risk vs. gain


    Risk entails a potentially higher gain.


    No risk means safety, but also puts a limit on the rate of return.

  • How to build your capital?


    If you already have a safe financial cushion you can think of investment products to give the rest of your savings the opportunity to grow even more.


    Allows building a safe financial cushion to give you a sense of financial comfort in the future. Try to set aside at least three times your monthly spending.

Safe basic Assured yield No risk

Profit Savings Account

Yield p.a. up to 2.7% for 3 mo.

Your savings generate yield for you - you deposit and withdraw money as you need, without losing interest.

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Term deposits

Yield p.a. up to 2.25% for 3 mo.

Will give you a fixed interest rate and guaranteed yield after a specific period.

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Konto Oszczędnościowe Walutowe

Kept in EUR and USD

Safe way of saving and multiplying your money in the foreign currency.

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Chance for a bigger yield Potentially higher yield Diversified level of risk

Structured deposits

Principal protection 100%

An investment with protection of principal and chances for higher yield than on a term deposit.

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Yield on the term deposit up to 3.50% p.a.

Combination of an attractive term deposit with investing in an investmend fund.

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Wygodny Duet

Yield on the term deposit up to 3.50% p.a.

Combination of an attractive term deposit and life insurance with insurance capital funds under Wygodny Portfel Investment Programme.


Depozyt w Duecie inwestycyjnym

Yield on the term deposit up to 3.3% p.a.

Combination of an attractive term deposit with an investment fund


Individual investing Potentially highest yield Diversified level of risk

Investment funds

0 PLN for the selected funds purchase

You can start investing with 100 PLN.

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Wygodny Portfel Investment Programme

Minimum amount PLN 10 000

An investment programme linked with life insurance in Generali TU S.A.

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Long-term and regularly Diversified level of yield Diversified level of risk

Przyszłość+ Investment Programme

Set-up and maintenance fee PLN 0

Flexible investment programme with initial amount as low as PLN 100.

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IKE - Individual Savings Retirement Account

Yield p.a. up to 3.00%

Discover a proved way to get an additional pension. A small amount is enough to start!


IKE - Individual Investment Retirement Account

May be free from 19% capital gains tax

A long-term investment without the need to make regular deposits.

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