Travel insurance

Assure proper protection for yourself and your loved ones while abroad. With travel insurance in Millenet and mobile app you gain:

  • wide coverage in Europe and worldwide
  • 24/7 access to travel assistance in case of an incident
  • easy access to insurance policy and information online
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Motor insurance

Insuring your vehicle has never been easier! Now, you can quickly insure your car, motorcycle or scooter both via Millenet or mobile app:

  • wide array of options: third party liability, personal accident, car glass, and comprehensive motor insurance, as well as assistance
  • application form auto-fill thanks to vehicle registration certificate QR code scanning
  • possibility to split insurance premium into 12 instalments
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"Pakiet Bardzo Pomocny" assistance package

Enjoy security and convenience of 24/7 days a week household and medical assistance.

The insurance offers specialised technical assistance in case of problems with consumer electronics, household appliances and computer equipment, theft with robbery, damaged locks, loss of keys, flooding, fire or another fortuitous event, as well as medical assistance in case of personal accident or medical emergency.

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"Bezpieczna Pożyczka" loan insurance

Secure repayment of your loan in unexpected circumstances and ensure financial security for you and your family.

In difficult situations, such as loss of work, incapacity to work, hospitalisation, disability, serious illness or death, the Insurer will ensure repayment of your obligation.

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Mortgage loan insurance

Ensure financial security for yourself and your loved ones with credit protection insurance for mortgage loan, debt consolidation loan or home equity loan:

Payment cards insurance

Gain comprehensive protection while abroad and financial support in situations such as unauthorized card use or theft of cash withdrawn from an ATM:

Credit cards assistance

Benefit from 24/7 access to home, car and medical assistance. In case your household appliances stop working, your car breaks down of you get sick, the Insurer will arrange for a tradesperson for help (e.g. electrician, plumber, doctor) and cover for the cost of their services: