Current accounts

Payment Cards

  • Credit cards

    Credit cards

    Alfa and Impresja cards with up to 760 PLN cashback annually!

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  • Debit cards

    Debit cards

    Choose our multitasking Konto 360° account card

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  • Prepaid cards

    Prepaid cards

    A great idea for a gift or electronic pocket money

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  • Virtual cards

    Virtual cards

    Create card in the app and pay contactless with your phone

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Fast, easy and inexpensive

You need money to make your dreams come true? Or maybe you have some unexpected expenses? Whatever the purpose, Bank Millennium will always offer credit products tailored to your personal needs.

Mortgage loans

Are you dreaming of an own house?

Don't wait! A Bank Millennium mortgage loan will finance your house plans. Our offer will be tailored to your personal circumstances and needs.

Saving products

Choose the best way to save with Bank Millennium. You have a choice of savings accounts with unrestricted access to the money, attractive deposits for a range of terms or the Individual Retirement Account, which will provide additional money for retirement.


More money for the future

Millennium S.A. becomes part of the Millennium Bank Group. In 2001, it was established as an entity involved in management of investment funds. The only shareholder of the Investment Management Company is Millennium S.A.


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