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Millennium Impresja credit card

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With Impresja credit card you get a refund of up to 760 PLN a year in selected stores.
APR 14.14%

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Representative example for Millennium Visa/MasterCard Impresja: Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is 14.14%; total amount of credit (net of debt-financed costs): PLN 5000; total amount due: PLN 5408.49; variable interest rate 10%; total cost of credit: PLN 408.49 (including: sum of monthly fees for the main card PLN 87.89; interest PLN 320.60), assuming that the granted credit limit is disbursed outright in the full amount as a non-cash transaction and is repaid in 12 equal monthly instalments of PLN 450.71. The calculation was made as of 2.04.2018 on a representative example.

The Bank evaluates the applicant’s credit capacity on a case-by-case basis each time prior to granting a credit card; if requirements regarding credit capacity are not met the Bank will not sign a credit card agreement. Fees, interest rate and other details are contained in the Price List – Credit Cards, Regulations on Credit Cards Issued by Bank Millennium SA, Regulations on Reward Sales of Millennium Visa Impresja Credit Card Issued by Bank Millennium SA “Moneyback”, Regulations on Reward Sales of Millennium MasterCard Impresja Credit Card Issued by Bank Millennium SA “Moneyback”– available in the Bank’s branches and on Offer details are also available in TeleMillennium by calling 801 331 331.

Credit cost and legal note
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