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Account with huge possibilities

Konto 360° account with the innovative mobile app

Legal notefor: Konto 360 account

Looking for an account?

Check new Millennium 360° account

0 PLN for account opening and maintaining with no additional conditions. What is more, you gain access to special offers under Cashback service and completely new debit card, which is perfect for paying in any currency.

Bank your way

On your laptop or your phone

Log in to the app with your fingerprint and quickly make e.g. BLIK transfer to mobile, which is free and is delivered instantly. Through Millenet you can submit an application, e.g. for a 500+ benefit, and sort out many official matters through MilleAdministration tab. And it's just the beginning!

You get also
free of charge

  • Debit card

    Thanks to debit card you can pay conveniently, e.g with your phone that you always keep at hand.
    CheckVisa debit card

  • Profit Savings Account

    Easily and conveniently put aside even small amounts with Profit account instead of putting off your plans and dreams.
    CheckProfit Savings Account

  • Very Helpful Package

    Get expert assistance! You can use the insurance free of charge for 6 months (max. 7 times a year). Then you pay only 4.98 PLN/ month.
    CheckVery Helpful Package

Important documents

Do you have a child? Open the account

Konto 360° Junior account

Open the account for your child. Account for children aged between 0-18.

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