Select app wallpaper

See how easily you can tailor the app to yourself. For instance you can choose either one of our proposals or use a private photo. Adjust it swiftly to fit screen size or change it at will.

How to do it? After activation choose the option Personalise app or click on the Settings > Wallpaper tab. Scroll down the screens and choose the wallpaper, which you like best or check a photo from your private gallery. Having set the picture confirm your selection.

Widgets without logging on

Decide what information you want to have simplified access to, without having to log on. If you often check account or card balance set up a widget, thanks to which these data will appear on the logon screen. You can also set up widgets to BLIK codes and to your loyalty cards.

How to do it? Select Settings > Widgets. Next by selecting a widget e.g. account balance, you can decide whether you want to see the full amount or an equivalent, which you defined.

Shortcuts to most frequent transactions

If you do some transactions (e.g. transfers) definitely more often than others, than you can easily add them to the list of shortcuts in the app. You can change and edit the list of shortcuts at will.

How to do it? Click on the More option next to the selected product. Grab three icons of most frequently done transactions and drag them to the active field at the top of the page.

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