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With the Motorways service you can conveniently pay toll on selected motorway sections

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Automatic payments for motorways

  • Register in Bank Millennium mobile app, and then on the A1 Nowa Wieś-Rusocin and A4 Katowice-Kraków sections toll will be collected automatically

The Motorways service, available on Bank Millennium's mobile app, works on the basis of Autopay, a system for fast online and offline payments for travel, operated by Autopay Mobility sp z o.o. For more information, including the highway sections covered by the service, see the "Autopay Terms and Conditions" on the service provider's website.

We are disabling purchase of e-tickets on the mobile app

From 1.07.2023, you do not have to pay tolls on sections of public motorways, which is why we have disabled the possibility of purchasing e-tickets on the mobile app. You can still buy a backdated motorway ticket. You can also pay in the app for commercial motorway sections.

How does it work

How to use automatic toll payment?

  • Drive to any toll gate on the A1 Nowa Wieś-Rusocin section
  • On the A4 Kraków-Katowice section, drive up to the gates marked with a black camera on a yellow background
  • After the system recognises the car, it will raise the barrier, and the toll will be collected after exiting the motorway

Where to use?

Automatic toll payments - map



  • On the A1 Nowa Wieś-Rusocin section of the motorway, drive up to any gate, and on the A4 Katowice-Kraków section drive up to a specially marked gate. The system should read your number plate and open the barrier, similarly at the exit gate. The toll will be collected automatically from the account you indicated earlier, after the exit from the motorway toll.

    Details of the Autopay service, including the motorway sections covered by the service, are available in the "Autopay Regulations" available on the website of the service provider, Autopay Mobility sp. z o.o.

  • In this situation, you will need to get your ticket in the traditional way and pay for the journey (cash or credit card). No fees will be charged on the bank's app.

  • Unfortunately, sometimes this situation can occur if the camera system does not recognise your license plates correctly. In this situation, press the SOS button (located on the gate) and wait for help. The person at the toll window will add the information about your motorway exit based on your number plate and complete the journey in the system.