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On 1.07.2024 we will disable contactless phone payments with a card in the mobile app

What are mobile
contactless payments?

It's an easy way to pay without wallet. With our mobile app you can pay with your phone just as you pay by plastic card - simply hold your phone against store's payment terminal:

  • no need to log in to the app
  • no internet connection required while paying
  • no charges for activation
  • no charges for using mobile contactless payments
  • no problems

Contactless payments benefits

  • No internet required

    To pay you don't have to connect to any network or launch the mobile app. All you need to do is turn on NFC module in your phone settings (e.g. the same way you turn on WiFi).

  • Without waiting for card delivery

    Have you ordered a new plastic card? Enable mobile contactless payments for this card and start paying right away, even before your new card arrives.

  • For every card

    Keep all your cards always at hand - you can enable mobile contactless payments for your debit card, and also for your credit and prepaid card.

  • Available for most devices

    Mobile payments can be made using phones with Android™ (4.4. and up) and equipped with NFC module, in every store that accepts MasterCard and Visa contactless payments.

  • As quick as traditional payment

    To pay just unlock the phone and hold it against the terminal. For grater security, all transactions of more than 100 PLN should be confirmed on the terminal with a card PIN.

  • Highest security level

    Mobile payments work only if NFC is turned on and your phone screen unlocked. You can easily block your card whenever you need in the mobile app or in Millenet.

How to start using?

Launch the app

Log in to Bank Millennium mobile app and from the main menu choose Payments > Mobile contactless payments.

Select a default card

Either a counterpart of one of your plastic cards, or issue a virtual-only card without plastic counterpart (for this card you need to set up PIN).

That's all!

If you have more than one payment app, you will be asked to set Bank Millennium app as default for contactless payments.

How to make contactless
payments in stores?

Enable NFC module

To pay contactless with your phone the NFC module should be enabled and the Bank Millennium mobile app should be set as default.

Unlock the phone

To pay simply unlock your phone and hold it against the terminal. You don't even have to launch the mobile app.


When you pay more than 100 PLN, the card PIN will be required. the payment confirmation will be additionally displayed on your phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Before you start check if you have a phone with:

    • Android 4.4 or above
    • NFC module (you will find it in phone settings)
    • Bank Millennium mobile app
  • You can select counterpart of one of your existing plastic cards (e.g. debit or credit card). For mobile payments you can then use the same PIN you use when paying by plastic card. Plastic card and its virtual counterpart can be used interchangeably - it's as if you has a copy of your card in the phone.

    Remember that you can have a virtual counterpart of your supplementary card only if such a card is issued in your name and associated with the main card that you are the holder of.

    Alternatively, you can create a new, virtual-only card that has no plastic counterpart and exists solely in the app. For such a card you have to select the account to which it should be linked and set up a PIN.

  • The NFC module may be enabled in the same time you create a virtual card. After setting up card PIN you will see a screen allowing to enable NFC module and set Bank Millennium mobile app as default. However, if you do not want to have NFC active at all times, you switch it on and off at will. You can do it easily in your phone settings, the same way as with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The exact way of doing it depends on the smartphone model. The function may be available either on the settings list, or when you choose 'More' option. The easiest way is to search NFC shortcut in phone settings browser. Some smartphone models may not have the NFC module. If so, the contactless mobile payments cannot be performed.

  • If you haven't set Bank Millennium mobile app as deafult in the course of creating a virtual card, you can do it after enabling NFC (read above). There should appear either 'Tap & Pay' or 'Touch & Pay' option (depends on a phone). Choose the option and mark the Bank Millennium app as default. You can also do this directly in the mobile app by selecting Payments > Mobile contactless payments and clicking on Settings under the image of the default card.

  • For underage Clients who have a debit card it is possible in the mobile app to activate mobile contactless payments for a debit card with the prior consent of a statutory representative. HCE mobile cards are dedicated to persons with full legal capacity.

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