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December 2019

More than ten volunteers from Bank Millennium took part in the redo of the day room at the Child Endocrinology and Diabetology Ward in Kielce.

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A grant from Millennium Foundation was used by employees of a Bank Millennium branch from Kujawsko – Pomorskie Voivodeship to create a library in the Children’s Home in Trzemeszno.

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September 2019

Yet another volunteer action is behind us. The employees from the Bank Millennium trainer team joined their forces and prepared a playground for children from the Foreigners Centre in Warsaw. It is the only facility of this kind in Poland dedicated to women and children.

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August 2019

Bank Millennium volunteers from Pomorze region developed and adapted a garden for purposes of therapy for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The action was included in the grant competition of Bank Millennium Foundation.

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“Happy Preschooler” is the name of an action carried out by employees of Bank Millennium branches in Kraków. In the grant competition of Bank Millennium Foundation the volunteers renovated and re-equipped the playground of Public Kindergarten No. 97 in Kraków.

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In a grant competition of Bank Millennium Foundation employees of branches from the Eastern region carried out a volunteering action. This time they organised Sports Day in Primary School No. 88 in Kraków and donated necessary gymnastics equipment.

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Thanks to a grant from Bank Millennium Foundation the pedagogical therapy unit in No. 1 Primary School in Mońki (Podlaskie Voivodeship) received teaching aids, minor convalescence and sports gear, while the children attended interesting and joyful financial education classes.

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Volunteers from Bank Millennium made a dream come true of a kid from one of Warsaw’s kindergartens and created a sensory path.

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July 2019

In a volunteering action under a grant from Bank Millennium Foundation, a group of employees from Gdańsk renewed the playground, expanded the football pitch and built a sledge run in the school in Lublewo Gdańskie.

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The another edition of the Financial ABC - financial education programme for preschoolers has been completed. As part of the 5th edition of the project, over 400 workshops were held to train over 10,000 children from 120 kindergartens.

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