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September 2018

As part of our Bank Millennium Foundation’s volunteering programme, a group of Bank Millennium employees from Gdańsk prepared a sports field for students from a small school in Lublewo Gdańskie (Pomeranian voivodship).

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July 2018

Children acquire financial knowledge very quickly if it is presented to them in an easy-to-understand way. This conclusion may be drawn on the basis of experience of Bank Millennium Foundation, which is implementing the Financial ABCs programme addressed to kindergarten children.

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June 2018

Bank Millennium took 7th place in the general classification and 4th place in the industry classification of the 2018 Responsible Companies Ranking. This is a list of the largest Polish companies evaluated in terms of the quality of corporate social responsibility management.

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By signing the Diversity Charter Bank Millennium reaffirmed its commitment to respect and promote diversity among customers and employees alike.

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May 2018

On the occasion of Children’s Day Bank Millennium Foundation invites to Financial ABCs – financial education classes for children.
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For the fourth time now Bank Millennium has been awarded the CSR Silver Leaf. This award is given to companies, which implement the most stringent standards of corporate social responsibility in their day-to-day activity.

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April 2018

Bank Millennium is one of the winners of the “2017 Transparent Company of the Year” ranking. It was at the forefront of the 7 most transparent companies in the mWIG 40 index. Awards go to companies, which communicate with the market in a transparent way.

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Bank Millennium won in the “Website without Barriers” competition, which promotes access to digital information for persons who are disabled, elderly, impoverished and threatened with digital exclusion.
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Nine initiatives of Bank Millennium targeted at customers, employees and local communities were described in the “Responsible Business in Poland 2017” report published by Responsible Business Forum.

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March 2018

Bank Millennium is among the leading companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, which publish their periodic reports fastest. By making its annual report available online the Bank provides analysts and investors fast and easy access to information.

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