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About programme

The internship programme - Millennium Bankers is targeted at 3rd-5th year students, who want to have a professional career in banking.

If you are a good communicator and a creative person, you like ambitious projects, know English and are determined to work in a bank – then it is you we are waiting for!

Why is it worth attending our internships?

  • test your aptitude for working in a particular area
  • get tasks to perform on your own
  • develop your professional potential
  • get paid for the internship
  • get an employment opportunity 

You can have your internship in following areas:

  • financial analysis and risk assessment
  • marketing
  • IT and process management
  • corporate banking

Place and duration of the internship:

  • the internships are held in the Bank's Head Office in Warsaw and in Corporate Centres all over Poland
  • they last from 2 to 3 months and take place all year, mainly in summer

When and how to apply?

  • fill-in the CV application
  • enter the reference code: MB/area
  • entering the reference code you also must put the name of the area, in which you seek on internship
  • we will wait for your application until 31st of May

Recruitment process for internship programme.

Fill-in the online application.
In the application write the reference number: MB/area (name of preferred internship area e.g. risk).


Your CV will be analysed and if it is approved, we will contact you.


Telephone interview, meeting with HR officer.


Recruitment interview with supervisor.

HR officer informs about YES/NO decision.
The recruitment process may be modified depending on the area.

Areas of activity

Facing your diverse interests head-on, we have prepared a short presentation, which is to make it easier for you to decide about the direction of professional development. We propose that you read about the nature of the job in the areas defined below and choose your future workplace:

Financial Analysis and Risk Assessment

Areas of financial analysis and risk assessment are connected i.a. with assessment of Customers' credit capacity as well as creating and developing risk management systems.

Some units:

  •        Corporate Credit Underwriting Department
  •        Retail Credit Underwriting Department
  •        Risk Department

Examples of employees' tasks:

  •        Analysis of eco-financial situation of Customers and assessment of their credit capacity.
  •        Preparation of credit proposals.
  •        Monitoring eco-financial situation of Customers.
  •        Monitoring quality of the credit portfolio and formulating recommendations regarding credit policy.



Individual units from this area are responsible for preparing and implementing marketing policy with respect to the Bank's brand, communication of business lines, Customer segments, products and services.

Examples of units:

  •        Marketing Communication Department
  •        Retail Banking Marketing Department
  •        Corporate Banking Marketing Department

Examples of employees' tasks:

  •        Promotion of bank products with use of ATL and BTL channels.
  •        Product design and development.
  •        Focus on the Bank's positive perception.
  •        Conducting market analyses and other marketing research.
  •        Presenting marketing action initiatives.

IT and Process Management

The area thus defined comprises units responsible for optimisation of processes occurring within the organisation and their automation.

Examples of units:

  •        Processes Department
  •        IT Department
  •        Applications Development Department
  •        Electronic Banking Department

Examples of employees' tasks:

  •        Analysis and optimisation of processes occurring within the organisation.
  •        Analysis of needs of selected organisational units as regards IT support of processes (functional analysis).
  •        Creating, developing, monitoring actions and maintaining IT applications.
  •        Applications development with use of C# language in ASP.NET technology.
  •        Designing/modifying websites and IT processes.


Corporate Banking

The task of corporate banking employees is to provide service to companies as regards i.a.: financing needs, cash management, investing money and supporting foreign trade. The largest group of customers from this area is responsible for sales and customer service.

Examples of units:

  •        Corporate Banking Department
  •        Factoring and Trade Finance Department
  •        Millennium Leasing (company in the Capital Group of Bank Millennium)

Examples of employees' tasks:

  •        Providing professional service to Customers.
  •        Active selling of financial products.
  •        Building long-term Customer relations.
  •        Delivering presentations to Customers.
  •        Providing product training to advisors.
  •        Preparing analyses and reports from functioning of individual units.

Testimonials from interns

Student of Military University of Technology in Warsaw
Intern in the Security and Business Continuity Department

Thanks to the internship I was able to structure my knowledge. I could see what work in a professional environment was all about and what I should focus on in my further studies. Despite quite an explicit name of IT Security Team I was getting assignments from the entire IT area, starting from identifying and analysing malware, through analysing network traffic and making penetration tests, to some fine software development jobs.

Student of the University of Warsaw
Intern in the Processes Department

Summer internships are not only a way to get hands-on experience in the industry of our interest but also an opportunity to come up against new areas, the existence of which we never even suspected once. I was unaware that mathematics and management go so well hand in hand and that processes management is such a dynamically growing area – I will certainly bear thin in mind when choosing my future professional career.

Student of the University of Szczecin
Intern in the Corporate Banking Department

During the vacation internships I had the opportunity to see various types of financial documents and to learn how a corporate clients’ service department works. I am now quite positive that working for a bank will be my professional goal.

Winner of the “Play for Internship” (Grasz o Staż) programme Student of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń
Intern in the Corporate Banking Marketing Department

The biggest challenge for me during the internship was to organise my worktime properly. The diversity of tasks I performed required frequent definition of priorities in different situations. This experience allowed me to develop the skill of organising my own work and of focusing on a specific target.

Grasz o staż competition

Win an internship in Bank MIllennium in the GRASZ O STAŻ competition.

For many years now Bank Millennium has been sponsoring internships for university students and graduates in the nationwide Grasz o staż competition organised by PWC and Gazeta Wyborcza.

In 2015 the new task "Corporate Banking – Settlement Products” from the corporate banking marketing area was prepared for the 20th edition of the competition. The assignment was to prepare a presentation (no more than 15 slides) about selected settlement products offered by Banks, which are crucial for effective management of working capital on the company’s side.

More information about the assignment is available here:

The winner of the 20th edition was Krzysztof Paradowski, who did his internship in the Corporate Banking Marketing Department in Bank Millennium’s Warsaw Head Office.

We want to congratulate the Winner and wish him many professional successes!