Career in the sales network

Retail banking is our key business area. We have been investing in this area for years, both for the benefit of our Customers as well as staff. Our retail network has close to 450 branches throughout Poland, where we offer banking and insurance products and services as well as asset management.

If you have sales experience and working with people is what drives you, give it a try in one of our branches.  

We offer in-depth training, clearly defined rules of promotion, access to know-how at all times and support from team-mates.

We employ people with various degrees of sales experience. You do not need a university degree or relevant education. You just need to have basic knowledge of banking products. If on top of that you have:

  • motivation to develop a career in banking,
  • sales skills,
  • skills in building Customer relationships,
  • experience in Customer service,
  • ability to work in a performance-driven-environment,
  • readiness to work with cash,
  • readiness to work weekends and shifts,
  • … then you are the perfect candidate!
  • We offer positions ranging from Customer Assistant, through Customer Consultant to positions in management. 

Join us!

  • You will work in a strong, cooperation-focused team, who will share their know-how and experience.
  • You will have the opportunity to learn from the best salespeople.
  • Friendly and innovative work tools, advanced systems and internal applications to make your work that much easier.
  • Already on the first day you will start your work with induction training. Thanks to Millennium Academy you will be also able to join, among others, our training programmes in  products, sales techniques and standards, operational systems and procedures. Additionally, your knowledge will be constantly updated with our e-learning training.
  • You may expect stable form of employment - the first employment agreement for 12 months.

Join us – see for yourself that it is good to be working with us!