The mission of Bank Millennium is consistent implementation of the development programme and strengthening of the market position.

The Bank's goal, which results from implementation of the mission, is to continue to grow Shareholder value; to deliver top quality universal financial solutions to all groups of Customers and to face up to the challenges brought by development of the financial services market in Poland.

The motto of our activity reads: "Traditional banking with a modern twist ".

We respect the tradition of Polish banking; we relate to its values and draw on the best practices. We translate them to new solutions in organisation of work, products, processes and procedures as well as Customer service, which are enabled by new technology. Satisfaction of our Customers remains of paramount importance for us.

  • Our position on the market is defined by responsibility and respect for principles of ethics and the law. The trust of our Customers remains our overriding goal.
  • The life of our Customers is a source of knowledge for us, which allows us to satisfy their particular needs and to support implementation of group ambitions.
  • The awareness that it can always be better makes us continue to seek new solutions and better ways to shape the future.
  • It is our ambition that the results of our work are immediately translated onto the quality of life of our Customers.