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About the account

Konto Prestige World is much more than just a personal account

Apart from world class banking service Konto Prestige World provides convenient management of finances and access to the Prestige offer. Holders of the Account can also enjoy additional benefits, which bring daily life and travel to a new higher level.

Choosing Konto Prestige World with Pakiet Bardzo Pomocny insurance provides the availability of medical and professional household assistance as well as additional Travel Documents and Concierge insurance.

Special Customers deserve a special offer and high quality of banking services:

  • for keeping the account

  • for the debit card

  • for Pakiet Bezpieczeństwa

  • for cash withdrawals from ATMs

  • for local transfers in PLN by internet, phone and in a branch

  • for the execution standing order and direct debit

Prestige World Account offers you comfort and the feeling of safety every day, both at home and during your travels:

  • for an FX account

  • for a debit card in EUR

  • for Pakiet Bardzo Pomocny insurance

  • for international transfers by internet, phone and in a branch

  • for SEPA transfers by internet, phone and in a branch

  • for Travel Documents and Concierge insurance

Konto Prestige World account is kept free of charge in case of monthly turnover on the account of at least PLN 10,000 (in the previous month or as average from last 3 months) and at least 1 payment with the debit card or BLIK in a month. ATM cash withdrawal in a foreign currency is converted to PLN, which involves an additional margin specified in the price list concerning debit cards. ATM cash withdrawals abroad may be charged by their operators with fees independent of the Bank, provided that the Cardholder has been informed before making the transaction. The fee does not constitute revenue to Bank Millennium S.A.
The account is offered with optional Pakiet Bardzo Pomocny pack, which provides up to 7 assistance services (medical or technical), the fee for which is not charged during the first 3 months of keeping the account. Users of Pakiet Bardzo Pomocny additionally get free of charge Travel Documents and Concierge insurance.
Fees, interest rate and other offer details are stipulated in price lists concerning fees and commissions, debit cards, interest rates as well as in the General Regulations on Provision of Banking Services for Individuals in Bank Millennium SA, Offer Regulations, Terms and Conditions of Insurance – Pakiet Bardzo Pomocny, Product Sheet – Pakiet Bardzo Pomocny, Terms and Conditions of Insurance – Travel Documents and Concierge and Product Sheet – Travel Documents and Concierge, which are available in the Bank’s branches and on the Price Lists and Regulations website.

Pakiet Bardzo Pomocny benefits:

  • Medical assistance - in case of sudden illness or accident we will provide i.a. a home visit of a doctor and nurse
  • Technical assistance - we will provide i.a. the help of a plumber, electrician, locksmith, glazier as well as repair of home appliances, audio, video and computer hardware in various emergencies
  • IT assistance - comprising i.a. repair of a smartphone, phone, tablet, purchase of a device in case of theft

Travel Documents and Concierge insurance:

  • Effective assistance in case of loss of identity documents abroad
  • A generous concierge services pack

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How to use

  • Millenet

    Millenet is an online banking system providing security and full 7/24 online control over your finances and additional services.

  • Mobile app

    The mobile app allows you to use the account on your phone, wherever you are. You can make transfers, pay in stores, withdraw cash from ATMs and much more.

  • Branches and ATMs

    Bank Millennium provides over 600 branches throughout Poland and multifunctional Bank Millennium ATMs.

Prestige Line

Our Consultants will provide you with detailed information and perform your orders.

801 127 000

Fixed line calls and mobile
(fee in accordance with the operator's tariff)


  • Payment handling

    Prestige offers a wide array of tools permitting efficient and effective funds management, handling payments and obtaining detailed information about the financial transactions done.

  • MilleSMS

    MilleSMS is a service, which permits obtaining information about bank accounts and cards as well as ordering transactions with SMS text messages.

  • Brokerage Services

    Every Prestige Customer who has an account with the Bank can open an investment account in Millennium Dom Maklerski.

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