With us you can gain up to 6% per annum

Discover benefits and meet the Profit Savings Account requirements. Promotion till 30.08.2024.

Savings products Assured yield No risk

Profit Savings Account

Gain up to 6% p.a. for 91 days for new funds up to 100 000 PLN.

Meet the requirements. Promotion till 30.08.2024

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Term deposits

Yield p.a. up to 4.70%

Will give you a fixed interest rate and guaranteed yield after a specific period.

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Konto Oszczędnościowe Walutowe

Kept in EUR and USD

Safe way of saving and multiplying your money in the foreign currency.

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Structured and bundled products Potentially higher yield Diversified level of risk

Structured deposits

From 5,7% to 29.99% on the investment scale (up to 14.99% p.a.) with the new deposit

If you keep the structured deposit Technologiczny Gigant II until the end of the investment period

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