MilleSMS is a service, which permits obtaining information about bank accounts and cards as well as ordering transactions with SMS text messages.
  • The MilleSMS service covers:

    • SMS transactions - transfers can be ordered with SMS text messages,
    • SMS inquiries - information about accounts (balance, history, IBAN number) and credit cards (balance, history) can be obtained via SMS text messages,
    • Notification before an event - text message reminders of approaching events on accounts and credit cards (card debt repayment, maturing term deposit, transfer with future date, standing order, loan payment etc.),
    • Notification after an event - SMS notifications about events on accounts and cards (transfer, ATM cash withdrawal, POS transactions, standing order, failure to make a transfer, failure to execute a standing order etc.).

  • MilleSMS service:

    • Ongoing control over finances - a convenient way to get quick information about transactions on the account as well as card transactions,
    • Security of cards,
    • Flexible adjustment of the service to own needs: 

    - The type of transactions the Customer is informed about can be defined, 
    - Period of advance notice for planned transaction reminders can be set from 2 to 7 days, 
    - The amounts, above which the customer will be informed about transactions, can be defined

    • Attractive pricing of the service:

    - No subscription fee, 
    - Lack of fees for text message.

    The MilleSMS service is available to Prestige Customers who have active access to their account via Millenet online banking.