Obsługa płatności

Prestige, apart from sophisticated, individually tailored products, offers a wide array of "tools" permitting efficient and effective funds management, handling payments and obtaining detailed information about the financial transactions done.

To mention but a few:

  • Transfers

    Every Prestige Customer has the availability of a range of advanced and convenient ways to safely transfer money both to other accounts with the Bank as well as to any account kept with another bank. The Bank's advanced IT system supports immediate processing of the transfers (account debiting and crediting) not only between the Customer's accounts kept with Bank Millennium, but also to all accounts maintained in the Bank.

    Transfers in Millennium can be made quickly through:

    • Prestige Line, i.e. the 7/24 Call Centre by calling - 0 801 12 7000 ,
    • multifunctional Millennium ATMs,
    • internet - Millenet online banking system,
    • in each Bank Millennium Financial Centre in Poland's biggest cities,
    • in each of the more than 500 Bank Millennium branches throughout Poland.

  • Bill payments

    Bill payments is a convenient way to pay all repetitive bills with varying amounts. Without the need to stand in a queue you can pay your phone, electricity or gas bill.

    Bill payments:

    • convenience and time saving,
    • simple way to make payments,
    • service available anytime and anywhere,
    • no banking fees and commissions.

    Just define the payment, indicating the account, specifying a simple and convenient name for the payment (e.g. gas or electricity bill, etc.). Thus making the payment in an ATM or through Prestige Line just state the payment amount.

  • Standing Orders and Waiting Standing Orders

    Standing orders permit conducting regular cashless transactions. Providing this service the Bank undertakes to make automatic transfers of money from the Customer's account to another account with Bank Millennium or another bank, on a specified date and in a specified amount.

    An innovative solution is the additional functionality of standing orders, which may be called "waiting" standing orders. As opposed to regular standing orders, where if the account balance is insufficient the payment is withheld and the Customer has to make the transfer personally, here the "waiting" standing order is defined in such a way, that the system automatically checks the account balance and makes the transfer when the funds available are sufficient. Attempts to make the transfer are repeated several times until effective.

    Standing orders:

    • are convenient and save time,
    • give certainty that the transfer will be made on time,
    • are an easily available and simple service.

  • Combined Statement

    All Customers who have at least a personal account with Bank Millennium receive the combined statement, which is mailed at no extra charge.

    The statement contains full information both about all accounts of the Customer kept with Bank Millennium and the Bank at large as well as all details about balances and transactions on the Customer's account. If the Customer has cards, including credit cards - the combined statement will also contain detailed information about the cards held and relevant billing.

    In Prestige the combined statement is mailed at the end of each month as standard. Shorter period statements are also available.

    The Combined Statement in Prestige:

    • clear and complete information about accounts held and their balances,
    • detailed information about transactions made on the account,
    • information available in Polish and English,
    • generation and mailing of the statement is free of charge.

  • Direct debit

    Direct debit is a modern and convenient payment instrument allowing debiting of the payer's account with liabilities towards the provider of products or services (telecommunication, gas, electricity, etc.). You save time that normally is used for making transfers.

    To use the direct debit service you only have to authorize the creditor to charge your Prestige account. Appropriate forms are provided by the creditor. Thanks to direct debit your service company will send an additional copy of your invoices direct to the Bank. It ensures that your payments are reliable and always on time.

    The Bank executes the direct debit on the day mentioned in an invoice. In case of outstanding invoice or bill the Bank executes the adequate transfer on the day of reception.