Take your first step online

We will help you to take advantage of your bank on your computer and smartphone

Using the bank account on a computer and a phone
is very secure

Becuase it is protected and secured and to access it there is some information needed and only you have it. Therefore:

  • never share your login details with anyone
  • in e-mails and SMS messages we never ask for confidential data and while entering ID details, we ask you to enter only randomly selected characters
  • never click on unknown attachments or links in e-mails or SMS messages - we never send any links this way
  • before logging in, always check if you see a closed padlock in a website address bar
  • remember to log out, but if you forget, we will do it for you automatically after 5 minutes, so that no one could enter your account

Manage your payment card online

Manage your payment card online

You can set card limits, lock the lost card or change PIN - all by yourself.

How to shop online?

How to shop online?

You may not find everything in your store or a shopping mall, but there is everything in the Internet. Therefore, it is worth to know how to pay for it online.

Update your details online

Update your details online

You can update your mailing address and ID card details quickly and conveniently in mobile app or Millenet.

It's as if the bank came to you
and helped you do many things online

Any questions?
Choose how you would like to contact us

  • Call TeleMillennium helpline

    801 127 000
    +48 22 598 41 33

    log in on the helpline to complete your case faster

    Fees for the phone call in accordance with the operator's price list.

  • Start a chat with our consultant

    after login, both in Millenet and the mobile app

  • Visit a branch

    our consultants will help you and explain everything

     Find us in your neighbourhood