Now you can buy tickets to Helios cinemas in our mobile app

Quickly and conveniently check listings, select seats and pay for tickets directly in Bank Millennium mobile app

Buy tickets to Helios cinemas conveniently in our mobile app

Choose a movie you want to see, select seats for everybody and seamlessly pay for the tickets in the mobile app:

  • without standing in lines
  • without logging to other apps
  • the amount will be charged to your account or your credit card account
  • you can show ticket for inspection easily in the mobile app and share it with friends

Know what's on

You're not sure what to choose? Log in to the Bank Millennium mobile app and check what's on in your closest Helios cinema. Movie description will help you pick something interesting.


How to buy a cinema ticket?

After logging in to the mobile app, select Payments > Cinema tickets.

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    How to buy a cinema ticket? -

    Choose a movie, date and time of screening at the selected cinema. We've marked the screenings that take place in Dream cinema halls which offer more space, elevated comfort and reclining seats.

  2. 2
    How to buy a cinema ticket? -

    Select seats. Zoom in and zoom out to get the best seats for everybody.

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    How to buy a cinema ticket? -

    Pay in the mobile app and get your tickets instantly. You can find them in Menu > Payments > Cinema tickets whenever you need. You can also easily send tickets to your friends and family.

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