What do you get with Dobre Konto card?

Check out Millennium Visa Dobre Konto debit card

About the card

Savings and free cash withdrawals from ATMs

Zero złotych
  • for debit card maintenance
  • for cash withdrawals from all ATMs in Poland

Waiver of monthly fees for the debit card as well as for ATM cash withdrawals if monthly external inflows to your Dobre Konto account reach minimum 1000 PLN and you pay with the card or BLIK at least once a month.

Zero złotych

Additional benefits and opportunities

Inspirations programme

Inspirations programme

Paying with a Millennium cards in stores as well as various service outlets you can enjoy attractive rebates. Currently there are close to 1000 merchants who will give you the rebate!

How to use

  • Millenet

    Millenet is an online banking system providing security and full 7/24 online control over your finances and additional services.

  • Mobile app

    The mobile app allows you to use the account on your phone, wherever you are. You can make transfers, pay in stores, withdraw cash from ATMs and much more.

  • Branches and ATMs

    Bank Millennium provides over 750 branches throughout Poland and multifunctional Bank Millennium ATMs.


Fee for issuing payment card
Debit card service – monthly fee
0 PLN / 4 PLN*

* The fee is not charged during the first 2 months from issuing the card. The fee will not be charged in subsequent months if in the previous month at least 1 card or BLIK payment was done and the total external inflows to the account were at least 1000 PLN.
Payments in foreign currency are converted into PLN, which is associated with an additional margin. For withdrawals from ATMs abroad, their operators may charge fees (so-called surcharge) independent of the Bank. Information about such payment should be displayed on the device before initiating the transaction.
Details of fees are in the Price List

How to restrict

In case of card loss or theft you must immediately restrict it. To do this, just call:

You can also restrict your card online in Millenet or the mobile app.

How to restrict card Find out more

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