3D Secure card payments

3D Secure is an additional protection for your online card payments. Usually, when paying with a card in online stores, you need to provide data such as name and surname, card number and card expiry date. When paying in stores that support 3D-Secure, after providing these details you additionally confirm the transaction with a sing;e-use SMS P@ssword or Mobile Authorisation in the mobile app.

  • 3D Secure service is free of charge
  • available for all Bank Millennium prepaid, debit and credit cards
  • no software installation or service activation is required

Which online stores support 3D Secure?

Stores that participate in MasterCard SecureCode or Verified by Visa programmes. You'll easily recognize them by distinctive logo. In stores that do not support 3D Secure you can pay in a traditional way, by providing card details in the online form.

How does 3D Secure work?

  • 1. Fill-in the form

    Please check if payment information is correct:

    • Merchant name,
    • Date and time,
    • Card number,
    • Amount (final amount of card payment)

    At the same time, a text message will be sent to your mobile phone. Upon its receipt, read it carefully and check whether its details are consistent with those presented in the form.

    If the details are correct, enter the single-use SMS P@ssword from the SMS message or confirm the transaction by means of Mobile Authorisation in the app.

    If the data shown are incorrect, cancel the transaction using the „Cancel" option.

  • 2. Finalizing the transaction

    After a successful verification of the SMS P@ssword enter by you or correctly carried out Mobile Authorization, you will be informed by the store that the transaction has been performed.

    In case any problem occurs in the payment process, the system will inform you by displaying an appropriate message. Remember that for security reasons entering an incorrect SMS P@ssword three times may block your card for 3D Secure online transactions.

  • 3. (optionally) Finalizing the transaction using the mobile application

    If you changed the authorization method to mobile application, after the transaction, instead of SMS Password, you will receive a PUSH message. At the same time, payment details will be shown on your desktop (as it is visible on the screen below). The PUSH message will open a confirmation screen in your app where you can authorize the transaction using your PIN code, Touch ID or Android Fingerprint ID.

Frequently Asked Questions