Bank Millennium brings to Customers the new 3D Secure service (Three Domain Secure). The service offers a new dimension of security for online payments made with debit and credit cards.

How does 3D Secure work in Bank Millennium?

3D Secure transactions are made with an additional security mechanism in the form of authorisation with single-use SMS P@sswords and authorisation in mobile application.

During card payments, e.g. at an online shop, the Bank may send to a predefined mobile phone number or to a device with active Bank Millennium mobile application:

  • a one-time  SMSP@ssword from the Bank, and asked to use it on the specially prepared and secured website.
  • a PUSH message with request to approve the transaction with  PIN code or to scan the fingerprint (if your device supports this function). 

Provided financial data  will then be sent to a secure authentication server, where the card will be verified.
On this very first stage it will be possible to  immediately verify if the card was not stolen, lost or cancelled for other reasons.

What do you need to make an Internet payment?

In order to ensure the highest protection of online card transactions, you have to activate SMS P@ssword service.  Detailed information about activation process are available in section Transaction confirmation.

In order to use a more convenient way of accepting online card transactions, you have to activate Bank Millennium mobile application and change 3D Secure settings in the application settings (tab Settings > Transaction acceptance).

If you do not have active Bank Millennium mobile application yet, review the activation process described step by step in the Mobile Application tab.

The mobile phone number defined at the Bank is used in the Millenet system among others to confirm the transfers ordered, sign agreements or to receive notifications for selected operations on the accounts.

If you  do not have active Millenet service, which  allows you to  define SMSP@sswords, please read detailed information about the activation process  in section Access and Login.

3D Secure is available to Bank Millennium customers who meet the conditions below:

  • Has an active Millennium prepaid, debit or credit card (Visa or MasterCard),
  • Has access to the Millenet transactional system for individuals/business customers,
  • Has activated the SMSP@ssword service,
  • (optionally) has Bank Millennium mobile application.