Discovering world with Mastercard Voyager is much easier

Modern debit card in EUR - your indispensable tour companion

About the card

Mastercard Voyager is a card, connected with the Konto Walutowe account, maintained in EUR. Thanks to the card, when paying in EUR abroad you do not have to worry about the current exchange rate and the cost of currency conversion. Moreover:

  • 0 EUR for issuing the card
  • 0 EUR for cashless transactions
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Additional benefits

  • Contactless payments

    Fast and convenient method of paying. Small transactions can be made without PIN authorization. Contactless payments can be activated and deactivated in Millenet whenever you want.

  • Complete safety

    Attractive Pakiet Bezpieczeństwa (Safety Package) consisting of SMS Notifications service on transactions made by card and “Ochrona Karty” (Card Protection) insurance pack.

  • 3D Secure

    Guarantee of the highest security for your online card payments thanks to the free service 3D Secure.



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Fee for card issuance
Monthly fee for card
Monthly fee for the Pakiet Bezpieczeństwa service
0,8 EUR*

*The service is not obligatory.
Details of fees are in the Price List.

Insurances witdrawn from offer

How to get

Online application

If you are our Client, open Konto Walutowe account and order a card in Millenet.

If you are not our Client yet, open Millennium 360° account.

Call us

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Choose the nearest branch

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How to restrict

In case of card loss or theft you must immediately restrict it. To do this, just call:

You can also restrict your card online in Millenet or the mobile app.

How to restrict card Find out more

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