Tap and done!

Pay with your contactless card

How it works

Pay with your contactless card easily and fast for shopping – it's really simple! Just remember that:

  • in addition to the current limit of a single contactless transaction without a PIN in the amount of 100 PLN, there is also a total limit of payments without a PIN in the amount of 600 PLN
  • when making another contactless payment without a PIN, the value of which will exceed the total limit of 600 PLN, you will receive a request for a PIN regardless of the amount of this payment
  • the total limit is not a daily or monthly limit, transactions are counted regardless of the time of their execution, and the limit is valid for each card separately
  • each transaction confirmed with a PIN (e.g. payment over 100 PLN, cash withdrawal from an ATM) resets the limit and starts counting the sum of 600 PLN anew
  • if you receive a refusal to execute the transaction (the operation of the payment terminal is independent of the Bank), insert the card into the terminal

Where can I use contactless payments?

You can make contactless payments in all stores or points marked with the Visa or Mastercard logo and additionally with the contactless technology symbol.

More information about contactless payments is available at www.visa.pllink opens in a new window or www.mastercard.pllink opens in a new window website.

Convenience and security of contactless payments

  • you pay faster and more conveniently: you bring your card close to the terminal and it's ready

  • most transactions up to 100 PLN will be performed without entering a PIN code (sometimes for security reasons you will be asked to confirm with a PIN)

  • you do not have to give the card to the salesperson, you always have it in your hand,

  • security features protect you against accidental payments

How to deactivate contactless payments

  1. 1

    Log in to Millenet.

  2. 2

    Select My finances and then Cards and Details.

  3. 3

    Go to the Security tab and click Change for contactless payments.

Contactless card payments with the contactless payment feature disabled will require you to confirm the transaction with your PIN each time.