Bank Millennium mobile app is now available for every Huawei smartphone

You can now conveniently download Bank Millennium mobile app directly from AppGallery on every Huawei smartphone model.

Together with Huawei, we have integrated the app with Huawei Mobile Services (HMS).

Enjoy banking with us, wherever and whenever you like!

Konto 360° account with a selfie

Konto 360° account can be opened completely online. Just fill out the application on your phone and confirm your identity with ID and face photos. You do not have to wait for the courier's visit or sign the contract in the branch.

Now you can buy tickets to Helios cinemas in the app

Bank Millennium as the first bank in Poland introduced a new feature in cooperation with Helios allowing clients to buy tickets to Helios cinemas in the Bank Millennium mobile app. Thanks to the service, clients can now quickly and conveniently in the mobile app check the cinema listings, choose seats, pay for tickets and share tickets with friends.

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Payments for motorways

Register in the Autopay service in the mobile app, travel more conveniently and go through designated gates. Once you leave the motorway, the fee will be collected automatically.

New way of logging to Millenet

On 14 September 2019, according to the requirements of EU's Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) we are introducing changes in the way you use online banking system. These modifications will help better secure access to your money:

  • once every 90 days we will ask you to confirm your login with SMS P@ssword or Mobile Authorization. If you are not using SMS P@sswords or Mobile Authorization, call: +48 22 598 40 50 today and add your phone number for SMS P@sswords
  • if you are checking transaction history older than 90 days, we may ask you also to confirm this operation with SMS P@ssword or Mobile Authorization
  • online card transactions with 3D-Secure feature will also require SMS P@ssword or Mobile Authorization confirmation

Apple Pay in Bank Millennium

Bank Millennium Clients using iOS devices can now pay conveniently with Apple Pay at Bank Millennium. In order to pay, all you need to do is open the Wallet app, hold your device near a contactless card reader, confirm transaction and it's done! You can use Apple Pay on your iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad.

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New method of confirming operations in Millenet

Mobile Authorization will allow all mobile app users confirm operations performed in Millenet in a more convenient way. Now every transaction performed in Millenet can be confirmed in the mobile app with one click. For example, when paying for online shopping in Millenet, you just log in to the mobile app and on the displayed screen you easily confirm the operation.

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Konto 360° Junior – open quickly online

Now you can open an account for your child quickly and completely online. If you have a current account in Bank Millennium, all you have to do is log in to Millenet, go to the Accounts > Open an account > Konto 360 ° Junior account, enter your child's details and confirm them with SMS P@ssword. That's all!

Konto 360 ° Junior account will teach your child how to manage money. And this is the first step into the adult world.

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Apply for Good Start benefit for your child through Millenet

Application for one-time 300 PLN benefit is available in Millenet for kids attending school, irrespective of family income. The benefit is granted to children up to the age of 20 and 24 in case of disability excluding kids attending preschool or kindergarten in 2018/2019 school year.

Application is available after login in Millenet in My finances > MilleAdministration. Applications are accepted till 31 August 2018 for benefits to be paid out till the end of September 2018.

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Quick way to update details

New ID? New address? You don't have to visit Bank's branch to update your personal and contact details. You can do it quickly and conveniently in Millenet.

We’ve also added notifications about approaching expiration date of your document. You will be notified 30 days before your ID expires, which gives you enough time to apply for a new document. We recommend applying for a new ID online using Trusted Profile. You can create your Trusted Profile quickly through Millenet, from the comfort of your home.

This feature is available also in the mobile app.

We've introduced our new website and revamped login website

Now you can use our new, more transparent and faster website. It is easier to use, loads content faster and fits better to mobile and tablet screens. We've also revamped login website introducing:

  • new, more transparent design of the login website
  • new way of presenting alerts, e.g., about failed login attempt
  • redesigned section dedicated to login support
  • simplified design of virtual keyboard
  • new option to view entered login data (P@ssword 1 and Identifier)

Open business account online

If you already have a personal account in Bank Millennium, you can open Mój Biznes account online for free.

Mój Biznes is an ideal solution for sole traders. It helps you manage finances of your business in a easy and intuitive way, wherever you are. Access to the account through Millenet is convenient - you log in using the same credentials as for personal account. Additionally, you can switch between the accounts with a single click.

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Savings and investments online

Discover the new, refurbished "Savings and investments" section in Millenet.

Now you can manage your savings and investment products completely online. With intuitive, easy-to-read charts you get a complete overview of your funds put both into term deposits and investment products. Additionally, you can check the current value of all your investments.

Travel insurance for you and your loved ones

Gain proper protection while abroad with quick travel insurance online in Millenet and mobile app.

Purchase policy in no time, with minimum formalities. Gain 24/7 access to travel assistance - in case of an incident the Insurer will help you find the nearest medical facility or arrange for rescue services.

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Swap your plastic card for a virtual one

With free Bank Millennium mobile app you can pay by phone just like by contactless plastic card.

To make a payment, just unlock your phone and hold it against a terminal at a store. Convenient mobile contactless payments are available to all customers who use a smartphone with Android 4.4 (and up) and NFC module.

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Transaction history with new options

Now you can conveniently add receipts, invoices, tags (e.g. #holiday) and notes to every transaction both in Millenet and mobile app. This will make finding anything in your transaction history much more convenient.

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Easy Instalments – convenient credit card repayment

From now on, you can quickly and easily divide your credit card transactions into instalments with an attractive interest rate.

You get to choose yourself which transactions of more than PLN 300 or what amount of used credit limit you want to spread into instalments and how long you want to repay them! The option is available both in Millenet e-banking system and in mobile app.

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Recommend us, rewards are waiting

Invite friends to Bank Millennium via Millenet or mobile app.

LIKE IT? SHARE IT! - join the programme and send invitations to your friends. Recommend Konto 360º and Konto 360º Student accounts and encourage your friends to pay by card or BLIK in order to spend 360 PLN within 30 days of account opening. Watch their progress and once they fulfill the programme conditions, choose your rewards. Log in to your account in Millenet or mobile app, select LIKE IT? SHARE IT! and check how to start inviting!

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Instant transfers also to ZUS, tax offices and customs offices

From now on, apart from regular transfers to ZUS (Social Insurance Institution), tax offices and customs offices you can also make instant transfers.

Public institutions will receive your payments immediately. Your social insurance contributions, taxes or parking fine will reach the recipient's account even if you make it at the last moment (on payment due date).

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Register your prepaid phone in Millenet

You can now perform the mandatory registration of your prepaid phone via online banking.

The registration is free of charge and you do not have to visit your mobile operator store. You can register you mobile quickly and conveniently from home. According to the regulations in force, you have to do it by 1st of February 2017.

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Buy your insurance in Millenet

Now you can insure your car, motorcycle or scooter via Millenet.

You can start the purchase via mobile application and finish it in Millenet or the other way round. At every stage of the process you will have an option to save application and continue the process on any device.

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Log in to PUE ZUS via Millenet

You can now have quick and convenient access to the Electronic Services Platform of the Polish Social Insurance Institution (PUE ZUS).

From now on our Clients can open and activate their PUE ZUS account directly through Millenet, without having to visit ZUS branch personally. Using the platform you can easily check your contributions, send documents and applications or reserve a visit in a ZUS branch.

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Gain easy access to public administration websites trough your e-banking system

Don't wait in lines - handle administrative matters quickly, even outside the opening hours of public offices.

Submit documents and check the status of your applications in the comfort of your home. Profile directly through Millenet and log in to public administration websites just as you log in to your Bank. Trusted Profile works as an e-signature and can be used on numerous websites, including ePUAP, PUE ZUS or CEIDG.

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