0 PLN for business account for 2 years

Also up to 1600 PLN in promotion extra

Up to 2 years of free account maintaining

Open the best account for sole traders available in our offer and pay for 2 years:

  • 0 PLN for maintaining a payment account in PLN
  • 0 PLN for maintaining a foreign currency account in GBP, EUR, CHF, USD
  • 0 PLN annual fee for Millennium Visa Business credit card
  • 0 PLN fee for online domestic transfers in PLN, EUR to EEA countries and SEPA

„Promotion "Postaw na Biznes z Bankiem Millennium" runs from 1.04.2024 until further notice. We'll inform on our website about its completion at least 7 days in advance.
Details in the regulations.
Legal note

Up to 1600 PLN for business

Open for free Konto Mój Biznes account, which is the best option for sole traders. Meet promotion requirements: give the marketing and commercial consents and log in to the mobile app. Additionally, in each of the next 6 months deposit min. 1000 PLN and spend by card min. 500 PLN.

How much you can gain?

  • up to 1000 PLN - earn back 200 PLN in each of the next 5 months, if you pay ZUS contributions from new account
  • 600 PLN - if you order a payment terminal and ensure the receipts of min. 1000 PLN next month
  • if you don't have a business yet, open it with us in the app or Millenet and get up to 600 PLN extra (100 PLN in each of the next 6 months)

The "Załóż Konto Mój Biznes i zyskaj" promotion - edition I lasts till 19.08.2024. Limit of 18 000 accounts. Details in regulationslink opens in a new window

Why Konto Mój Biznes account?

Konto Mój Biznes account is an ideal solution for sole traders, partners in civil-law companies and farmers.

In „Postaw na Biznes z Bankiem Millennium” promotion the fee for keeping the account is 0 PLN for 24 months. After this period, it can still be free of charge if you make at least one transfer to ZUS/Tax Office per month from your new account or deposit min. 1000 PLN of external funds a month.

What you can gain with Konto Mój Biznes account:

Zero złotych
  • Zero złotych for maintaining the account
  • Zero złotych for cash withdrawals from our ATM's
  • Zero złotych for online transfers to ZUS/Tax Office
  • Zero złotych for domestic online transfers
Zero złotych
If you run a business in a form other than sole proprietorship and you need a modern and multifunctional account to manage the finances of your business, check Biznes Account. Now you can open it in promotion and pay for its maintenance 9 PLN monthly for 2 years. All you need to do is apply for an account at our any branch.

Don't you have a business?
Let us help you

Start a business with us! Fill in a simple application and we'll send it to CEIDG (Central Registration and Information on Economic Activity):

  • register a business, get NIP and REGON by one application
  • start a chat with our experts at any time
  • open Konto Mój Biznes account with a debit card

What we have for your business?

  • Accounting

    Three accounting packages to choose. With Accounting service you get free training and tools to help grow your business.

  • Online shop

    Start selling online. Open online shop on Sellingo platform and test it for 0 PLN for 6 months.

  • Millennium PAY payment gateway

    Accept fast payments from customers in your online shop with Millennium Pay gateway. Commission is only 0.7% on transactions for a year

  • Payment terminal

    Choose payment terminal: stationary, portable or accept payment on your mobile device

  • Leasing

    Decide to grow and lease a car, equipment or machinery. You can benefit from day one of running your business.

Free opening business account in simple steps

  1. 1
    Free opening business account in simple steps -

    Log in to Millenet with the same credentials as you log in to your individual account.

    Open now Konto Mój Biznes account

  2. 2
    Free opening business account in simple steps -

    Fill in the application form and confirm the entered data. Ready!

  1. 1
    Free opening business account in simple steps -

    Prepare an ID card and NIP (tax identification number) for your business.

    OPEN NOW Konto Mój Biznes account

  2. 2
    Free opening business account in simple steps -

    Complete the application. You will confirm your identity by logging in to your individual account at another bank.

  3. 3
    Free opening business account in simple steps -

    After sending the application, we will verify its correctness and activate your account.

You can also fill in the application online and sign the agreement in a branch of your choice. During your visit in the branch, we activate your account and show you how to use our mobile app for business. Open now


  • If you are a sole proprietorship, then you need a bank account.

    Setting up a business account can bring many benefits, e.g.:

    • you have order in your finances, because you separate your business money from your personal money
    • you have everything under control, because you can conveniently switch between your personal and business account and use the same login details
    • you are a more reliable partner for contractors if your business account as an active VAT taxpayer is on the so-called white list of VAT taxpayers (if your account is not on the white list, the contractor may submit a ZAW-NR notification to the tax office)
    • if you are an active VAT taxpayer and have an open personal account, your contractor will not be able to pay you for the goods or services delivered to him covered by the obligatory split payment mechanism
  • Yes. This will give you convenient access to your finances. Both in Millenet and in the mobile app you can easily and efficiently switch between your private and business account. You will log in to both accounts with the same details.

  • Yes. If you have a personal account with us, you can set up a business with our help and open a business account “Konto Mój Biznes". All you have to do is fill out a simple application.

  • We run the Konto Mój Biznes account for 0 PLN for 2 years in the "Postaw na Biznes z Bankiem Millennium" promotion. You don't have to meet any conditions during this time to avoid incurring fees for maintaining a business account.

    After 2 years, we can continue to run your business account for free if you meet a simple condition: each month you will receive at least 1000 PLN of income to this account or if you order at least 1 transfer to ZUS or the Tax Office. If you do not meet the condition, we will charge you according to the price list in the following month.

  • You don't pay for the Konto Mój Biznes debit card if you meet a simple condition. All you have to do is spend min. 500 PLN each month. If you do not meet the condition, we will charge you according to the price list in the following month.

  • You can create a My Business account in three ways:

    • completely online
    • fill in the online application and sign the contract at a branch
    • at any our branch.
  • It is very simple. If:

    • you have a personal account with us - log in to Millenet or mobile app and fill out a simple online application
    • you do not have an account with us - select the OPEN NOW option on the Konto Mój Biznes account website. You can confirm your identity by logging in to your current bank (you can have a business or personal account there)
  • Information about ongoing promotions can be found:

    • on the Konto Mój Biznes website
    • in our branches
    • on the helpline at 801 331 331
  • Yes. If your company has been registered in CEIDG and has been assigned NIP and REGON, but you are still waiting to start running your business, you can set up a business account for it.

  • Yes. You can have several business accounts, if you need.

  • It all depends on the form of your business. You can get help in choosing an account on our hotline, chat or branches.

    You can open a Konto Mój Biznes account if you run a sole proprietorship registered in CEIDG or if you are a partner in a civil law partnership.

    If you run a business in a different legal form, choose the Konto Biznes account.

  • A business account - as opposed to a personal one - is opened immediately with a VAT account. In addition, with the Konto Mój Biznes account you can take advantage of many additional products available only for business activities, e.g. order a payment terminal, take out a business loan, leasing or accounting services as part of the Millennium Księgowość platform.

  • Yes, if your business is registered in CEIDG.

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