Apply online for 300+ benefit

Now you can apply for Good Start 300+ benefit in Millenet

About Good Start 300+ programme

Good Start 300+ is a government support programme for Polish families in which every child attending school will receive a one-time social benefit of 300 PLN, irrespective of the family income:

  • benefit is granted to children up to the age of 20 and 24 in case of young people with disabilities
  • benefit will not be granted to children who in 2020/2021 will be attending preschool or kindergarten
  • application can be filled online from 1 July till 30 November

Applications for 500+ for the new benefit period can be submitted from 1 February 2021. The current 500+ benefit period lasts from 1 July 2019 until the end of May 2021.

The application filing proces

  1. 1
    The application filing proces -

    Application filing

    Fill in the application through Millenet.

    link opens in new window Apply Good Start 300+

  2. 2
    The application filing proces -

    Application registration

    The application is registered in Emp@tia system.

  3. 3
    The application filing proces -

    Application consideration and benefit transfer

    Within max. 2 months from filling in correct and complete application the reviewing municipality pays out the benefits.

  • Before you fill in the application, we recommend checking:

    • information about the programme on the governmental website (information in Polish): link opens in a new window
    • instructions on how to fill in the application in paper form on the website of the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy or contact the leading authority in your municipality, e.g. Social Welfare Centre (Miejski Ośrodek Pomocy Rodzinie) examining your application.

  • To access the application, log in to Millenet and from the menu select MilleAdministration tab. Please note that you can fill in the application only in your name, by logging into Millenet. You cannot file the application on behalf of another person.

  • If your municipality is not on the list in Millenet, file your Good start programme in person in the town hall/municipality relevant to your domicile or online in Millenet at a later date. If there is no municipality on the list, it means that this municipality has not yet been connected to Emp@tia (central social security IT system) created by the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy. Contact the municipality directly in case of any further questions.

  • Pay attention to the address you enter in the application - based on the address your application will be delivered to the relevant leading authority in your municipality. Your living address does not have to be the same as your registered address. You can update your living address while filling in the Good Start application. In order to change your address, log in to Millenet, and go to Settings > Personal information.

  • For security reasons the durations of sessions in Millenet is limited. After this time has passed you will be logged out from the account and data entered in the application will be saved automatically. Check session duration under the “Logout” button in Millenet.

  • We encourage you to provide the number of account in Bank Millennium; however you can give any account number for payment of the benefit, also in another bank.

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