Introduce your child to the world of finance with Konto 360° Junior

Open a children's bank account in promotion until 30.10.2024, meet promotion conditions and gain up to 200 PLN on gift cards. Account limit is 30,000.

Gain up to 200 PLN on gift cards

See how to get even 200 PLN on gift cards in Konto 360° Junior account promotion:

  • first 150 PLN - open Konto 360° Junior account for your child in mobile app or Millenet until 30.10.2024 and transfer at least 200 PLN to the account. And if your child is 7 or older, additionally express consents to receive commercial and marketing information when applying for the account, order a debit card, log in to mobile app on child's phone and make at least 3 payments with child's debit card, phone or BLIK
  • extra 50 PLN with application for Good Start 300+ - submit the application in Millenet or mobile app by 30.10.2024. If you have already done it, the condition is fulfilled!

When will you get goodie gift card? If you meet all the above requirements, by 30.12.2024 at the latest, we will send you an SMS to activate your gift card in the goodie app. Goodie gift card works like a pre-paid card and you can pay with it online and in stores throughout Poland. You can find more information on goodie website (in Polish).
"Wprowadź dziecko w świat finansów z Kontem 360° Junior" promotion is valid until 30.10.2024. Account limit is 30,000. You can find details in the promotion terms and conditions (in Polish).link otwiera się w nowym oknie

Free account with 24/7 access

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  • ikona przedstawiająca zera for payment account maintenance
  • ikona przedstawiająca zera for debit card maintenance*
  • ikona przedstawiająca zera for domestic PLN transfers and for money transfers to mobile numbers
  • ikona przedstawiająca zera for cash withdrawals from Millennium, Santander and Planet Cash ATMs*

* in the case of cards issued for children over 13 years of age, card service and cash withdrawals from Santander and Planet Cash ATMs are free of charge with min. 1 non-cash transaction per month

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Konto 360° Junior
grows with your child

0-6 years of age

Your child can have a bank account from an early age, and you can slowly introduce them to the world of finance and take care of their future. See what we've got on offer for children of this age:

  • a current account to which you can transfer even small amounts
  • Profit Savings Account with attractive interest rate
  • access to Konto 360° Junior account from Millenet and the parent's mobile app

7-12 years of age

A child from the age of 7 may gain access to Konto 360° Junior account and, at the request of the parent, receive:

  • age-appropriate mobile app
  • debit card for the account with specially designed graphics and a payment limit managed by the parent

13-17 years of age

After the age of 13, a child gains more opportunities and additional features in electronic banking. The child can now use:

  • Millenet online banking system
  • an "adult" version of the mobile app, in which they gain access to new features, such as phone top-ups or tickets for public transport and cinema
  • debit card with a new graphic design

Mobile app
follows the needs of the child

  • Profit Savings Account

    With Profit Savings Account, you and your child can save money to make dreams and plans happen. Children from 7 years of age can have access to savings.

  • Request for pocket money

    If your child needs funds, they can easily ask you for some pocket money in the mobile app. All they have to do is send a request, then you will receive a message and the money will go to the child instantly.

  • Mobile contactless payments

    Your child can pay quickly and conveniently by phone. In a store, all they have to do is unlock the phone, bring it closer to the terminal and it's ready. Mobile payments are available from the age of 7, and Apple Pay from the age of 13.

  • BLIK

    With BLIK, your child can pay in an online and stationary store. They can also make an instant transfer to mobile, without providing the recipient's account number.

  • Transport tickets and cinema tickets

    In the app, your child can buy a public transport ticket (for a bus or tram) and pay for a ticket to the cinema. All this without queues and logging in to other apps.

  • Phone top-up

    In the app, your child can top up the prepaid phone at any time. Just select the operator, enter the amount and confirm the transaction.

How does "Request for Pocket Money" work?

  • After acceptance, the transfer screen will be displayed, confirm it and done. The money goes to the child's account instantly, and we inform them that the pocket money is already on the account.

  • Child chooses the Ask for pocket money option, enters how much needs, picks a message or gives his own and sends it.

  • A notification will pop up in your mobile app with the information on how much and for what your child needs the money. Deny or accept the request.

How to open

Open Konto 360° Junior account online

  1. 1
  2. 2

    Go to Offer > Products for kids > New Konto 360° Junior account. Complete the details and after reading the attached documents, confirm the agreement with SMS Password or Mobile Authorization.

  3. 3

    Konto 360° Junior is already active. You have 24/7 access to it after logging in to your account.

  1. 1

    Log in to the mobile app.

  2. 2

    Go to the side menu, select Offers for you > Accounts > Account for kids. Complete the details and after reading the attached documents, confirm the agreement with SMS Password 1.

  3. 3

    Konto 360° Junior is already active. You have 24/7 access to it after logging in to your account.

Important documents


Application for children aged 7-12