Apple Pay w Banku Millennium

Pay easily with your phone

Apple Pay payments are now available in Bank Millennium

About the service

Choose simple and quick payments with Apple Pay at Bank Millennium. In order to pay, all you need to do is open the Wallet app, hold your device near a contactless card reader, confirm transaction and it's done! You can use Apple Pay on your iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad.

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easy and convenient activation

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possibility of adding several cards on many devices

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secure and easy payments

How to use

It's so easy to add your card to Apple Pay. How to start?

  1. 1
    How to use -

    Open the Wallet app, e.g. on your iPhone and in the upper right corner click “+”.

  2. 2
    How to use -

    Use your iPhone's camera to scan the card, or manually enter the necessary details.

  3. 3
    How to use -

    Allow access, confirm card registration and you're all set!