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In this edition you can choose from:

  • goodie eCard for 100 PLN

    to be used in internet and traditional shops in Poland

  • Gift card for 80 PLN to Zalando

    80 PLN for any product in online store

  • Cinema tickets

    4 tickets to Multikino (2D) or Helios (2D/3D)

  • 6% on term deposit annually

    3-month term deposit from 500 to 25 000 PLN

Terms and conditions of getting and collecting rewards are available in regulations.

How does it work?

    Has your friend given you the invitation code? Check how to use it and benefit.

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    How does it work? -

    Open Millennium 360° account by entering invitation code below.

  2. 2
    How does it work? -

    Use your account. Within 30 days of setting it up, top it up with a total of min. 1,000 PLN and make at least 5 debit card or BLIK payments, spending a minimum of 360 PLN in total.

  3. 3
    How does it work? -

    Select your reward! You can now invite your friends and get more rewards

    Like it? Share it! Check how to join the programme and get rewards.

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    How does it work? -

    Join the programme in Millenet or mobile app and start inviting your friends. Start inviting in Millenet

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    How does it work? -

    Encourage your friends who will set up an account to be active and meet the conditions: top up the account with a total of 1,000 PLN and make at least 5 card or BLIK payments for a total of 360 PLN within 30 days.

  3. 3
    How does it work? -

    After meeting conditions, each of invited will be able to choose a prize for themselves. You can get up to 10 prizes.

Enter the invitation code from your friend in order to open an account online
and join the LIKE IT? SHARE IT! programme.

Account which is maintained completely for free

Just for 0 PLN

0 PLN for account opening and maintaining with no additional conditions.

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Debit card which is perfect to pay in any currency

You can pay for everyday shopping by your debit card. It is also perfect abroad - you don't have to look for an exchange office, exchange currencies or order a currency card.

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Shop in even 800 online stores with bank's mobile app or Millenet and get cashback up to 25%. Special offers only for bank Millennium 360° account users.

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