Lokata Horyzont Zysku

A deposit for new money, which will ensure a high yield guaranteed over a longer period.

Termfrom 6 to 18 months

Interest rate6.50% per annum

Amountfrom PLN 1 000

Lokata Mobilna

3-month deposit with a very attractive interest rate, available only in the Mobile Application.

Term3 months

Interest rate5,00% per annum

Amountfrom PLN 500 to PLN 25 000

Lokata Millenet

Flexible term deposit in PLN, USD, EUR and GBP with high interest rate.

Periodfrom 1 day to 732 days

Interest rateup to 5.00% per annum in PLN and up to 0.50% per annum in USD/EUR/GBP

Amountfrom PLN 500 and from 200 USD/EUR/GBP

Lokata Aukcje

Lokata Aukcje is a unique solution, which allows Millenet users to win in an auction an exceptionally high interest rate on term deposits.

Term15 days

Interest rateup to 3.50% per annum

Amountfrom 500 PLN